Monday, September 4, 2017

August 2017

Can't stop, won't stop! August was another huge month, especially for the kiddos. Cade is off to college! I can hardly believe it. We had a great day of moving him in, and he seems to be adjusting well. Of course that's not a surprise. And Olivia has started kindergarten! That transition was hard on this mama heart. But after 2 full days, she is ready to go back and wishes she didn't have a 4 day weekend! Fall is upon us. The weather seems to have changed with the start of school with cooler days and that fresh crispness in the air. Of course we managed to pack in some more grand summer adventures before the school year!...

playing with Clara at the library

another scavenger hunt adventure to Fort William Henry

crab hunting

annual back to school trip to the salon

The stylist asked if Livi would like to have curls like Moana. You could tell that Olivia was a little nervous, but said she did. I didn't realize until later in the day that she thought the curls would last forever, which is why she wasn't sure. Then she found out that they would wash out and she was so sad! 

of course we followed up the salon with a giant piece of cake :)

A Kindergarten countdown chain. I think we started with more than 30 links, she was so excited! 

A Pinterest find for keeping stuffies! 

We did some rearranging and also used Pinterest to figure out how to re-hang her canopy! 

adorable braid crown

We went to a boat show that was so cool. We got to tour all kinds of boats, and Livi and I are ready for our yacht now! 

this one was our fave. I think Olivia really thinks she's going to get one one day.

oh you know, just hanging out the onions to dry

garden progress: sunflowers! 

can yo spot the pumpkins?

kayaking adventure! 

Kindergarten open house! 

special mommy-daughter back to school day. first stop, Panera for breakfast. Then Target for school outfit and supplies, then to open house! 

just chatting with a new friend/neighbor who will be on the same bus

checking out the bust

fancying up her name tag by putting it on a necklace

Olivia's questions for her teacher at the open house: 1. Do you have themes? 2. Do all kindergarteners have recess together? 3. Do we have our own lunch table? 4. What specials (do we have?) 

Another scavenger hunt adventure to some amazing rock waterfall slides!

followed by the biggest Shirley Temple in the history of the world

Making our cereal box eclipse viewer

enjoying our last couple of days with Cade before we dropped him off at college

can you spot Livi? She swam to that island from the boat by herself! 

Livi's first time tubing alone. It was adorable! She just toodled along at a slow speed and could have gone all day!

Look who's driving!

Old Orchard Beach

off to USM

Cade did some orienting while we checked out a cool park and wading pool in Portland

totally soaked. good thing I brought a full set of extra clothes! 

We've chatted with Cade a couple of times since we dropped him off. As I write this he's been there for two weekends. He seems to be doing well with friends and classes! We're so proud of him!

Cade's room has been modified into a playroom (and it's clean!) for now. We put up the teepee and doll house. It's lovely :) Maybe he'll want to play in the teepee when he comes back home?? ;)

Just a small portion of our tomato harvest! We've made tomato sauce and salsa, tomato salad and had tons of tomatoes on our sandwiches! 

driving the boat out from New Meadows to the ocean!

Look at this house. Doesn't it look like the left side of the top got sliced right off? 

playground picnic!

Kindergarten ready! 

bus stop friends Ava and Aralynn

Isn't she the best? I want to eat her right up.

she made it school on the bus! for my own sanity I met her there so I could see her face as she went into the building. She wanted to go in by herself so of course I snuck in after her to peek at her in her classroom.

first day done!