Friday, July 13, 2018

June 2018

Kindergarten finished! Freshman year finished! Let summer commence!

adorable last day of school treats thanks to Pintrest!

Olivia and her sweet K teacher Mrs. Foglio. Olivia was so sad to leave. She said she wishes Mrs. Foglio could be her teacher for all her grades.

first day of summer toys!

breaking out the big games!

our very cheap water guns broke, so we improvised with spray bottles :)

this is how we keep the wind out of our ears!

fixing up the boat. TONS of work. But of course it's gorgeous.

feeding the ducklings with friends

Isabel, Stella and Olivia

an awesome summer reading program kickoff at Patten Free Library

I promise she is excited. Our totally decadent brownie sundaes from Ben and Jerry's!

Happy half birthday!

Grandma and Grandpa Schurz visit!

this started off as a fun hike. then we kept hiking. and hiking. Until we were really far from our car with no way to get back. Luckily Grandpa asked two very kind fellas for a ride back to our car so he could pick us up. Phew!

while we waited for Grandpa Livi and Jeff climbed a waterfall :)

and skipped rocks

downtown Brunswick

Ferry to Peaks Island!

we all rode bikes around the Island. It was so fun and beautiful and Olivia was a total rock star!

Salon day at home!

We got a new chair to match her desk, so she is using her desk (finally) for writing and crafts :)

last day of school bus crew! Ava, Owen, Aralynn and Livi

rain catcher and rain barrel!

good girl, Georgie

first beach trip!

lovely hair styled by Olivia :)

I got to volunteer at Field Day!

bike riding in Brunswick


making clothes for stuffies

dance performance, Spring 2018

Kindergarten beach field trip

Stella and Olivia