Thursday, October 19, 2017

September 2017

I snuck a peak into Liv's classroom on her first day of Kindergarten

My beautiful kindergartener!

homemade dutch pear pie from our garden pears

going for a hike

just look at this city!

more garden treats

Fall crafting

playing Go Fish while we waited for our pizza

kindergarten open house

Livi's self portrait for Hopes and Dreams

her awesome paper sculpture

garden beauties

first soccer practice!

shoebox cars

someone laid down in the blue chalk

she learned to braid after one lesson!

writing a note to Daddy in her new room from her new desk

She couldn't wait for leaves, so we rounded up as many as we could for this small pile ;)

Last boat outing of the season

visiting Cade for family weekend at USM

annual visit to Rocky Ridge Orchard