Friday, March 2, 2018

February 2018

Olivia and I made a trip to Colorado during February break. It was so fun! Here we are giving Jaeslee some of Olivia's clothes, many of which came from Hannah! :)

Frozen yogurt with Nadxieli

Patsy and Jim came for a long weekend early in February and got to see this little ice skater do her thing :)

epic fort building

another lost tooth!

Georgie wondering what this thing is

silly Jeff with his handmade cutting board used for a delicious appetizer

visiting Cade!

amazing dance performance

watching the superbowl. Patriots lost!!!

saying goodbye :(

building a project with 100 Legos for the 100th day of school

measuring the snowfall

ready for her Kindergarten concert!

eating after the concert with her friend Cara

playdate with Stella

tooth fairy strikes again

proud playdoh creation

hip hop class!

happy Valentines Day

100 goldfish for 100th day of school

playdoh with Grandma and Grandpa

check out this brave girl!

making brownies with Grandpa

is this girl not creative and talented? Look what she made from her own imagination!

mismatch cay at school!