Monday, February 28, 2011

blog block

I haven't had a lot to share lately. My days mostly consist of busy at work, then working out, then working at home in the basement. Things are really shaping up down there! This weekend we had a major sprint and we finished sanding, priming AND texturing. Sheesh! My sweet husband spends more time down there than I do and he is so gracious about it. He is working so hard and making it look beautiful. I'm really proud of him! I must say I think I did my share this past weekend, though. Oh my aching arms and back!

The next steps are painting (after we find a paint color that works-cross your fingers that it will be the first try!), building the built-in shelves/cabinet/entertainment center, then carpeting and doors! Can you believe it? The end is in sight! The bathroom will probably be a bit later on the schedule as we are coming to the end of our renovation budget. We'll either do a little at a time there, or wait for a bit while we save up again. Either way, there is a bathroom at the top of the stairs, so that part isn't the priority.

I admit that I often get overwhelmed and think things are going to take FOR.EV.ER and I may, on occasion, roll my eyes at Jeff's seemingly unrealistic timing goals, but he thinks we are going to have it finished by Spring Break. What?! I confess I have doubts, no matter how amazingly talented the hubbs is. We'll see, though. And hey, the sooner it's done, the sooner I won't have to work on it anymore! It's true what Jeff says, however, it's so cool to know that once it's all done, we can say "look what we did together!" Go us!

More pictures to come...someday ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

congrats, sar and josh!

Steph, Sar, me and Tiff (and baby Gaston!) celebrate Sarah and Josh's engagement!

whistle while you work

I keep wanting to post progress of our basement, but there are so many photos that it seems overwhelming. In the meantime, here is a good depiction of Jeff working hard as always. And then there's me...

Jeff working hard putting mud on the tape on the drywall.

Me! with my scarf and swimming goggles to keep the dust out of my eyes while I sanded the ceiling. It sure didn't keep the dust out of my nose, though!

And here is a shot of the same view...

...when we moved in-blue with weird cubby holes in the walls, all different levels, different depths, and totally not square. also, you might not be able to tell, but that piece that juts out on the right side, (it covers a pipe), is completely crooked, lower on one side, wavy, not straight or square either! Thanks, previous owner.

...after we tore down the crooked drywall AND illegal framing and put up new framing!

...and as it is now, re-drywalled and with some mud and tape on. There's a bedroom, now, and a closet and a bathroom! woohoo! Go Jeff!

all together now....awwwwwww

Jeff and I had a fun Valentine celebration on Sunday. We went to Jeff's favorite restaurant, Edelweiss. We also saw the cute movie, Just Go With It. I made, well tried to make, peanut butter cups. They tasted yummy, but they sure didn't look pretty!

I also made one of the most delicious pies EV.ER. Caramel banana pudding pie! It's all in the recipe, but it really is one of the best desserts I've made!

Then I came home today to a surprise! A few of my favorite things:

Cherry cordials and Cherry Pepsi! Plus a romantic card and a heating pad for me always aching shoulder. Isn't he thoughtful?! Seriously, one of the best vday gifts I've received :)

Plus he posed for this photo, and we all know how much he hates to do that. Sweetheart, that's what he is :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

cupid's arrow

some people don't like valentine's day. i say they're crazy! not because i always get flowers and candy. not because i've always had a "special someone" on this special day. not because i want to support hallmark and Russell Stover and florists. but because what is wrong the having a particular day to remind us of the love we have to give and the love we have received? it sounds like a great idea to me! to have lived with love is to have lived. on this special day, i hope each of my friends and family will feel their hearts bursting with love. love of mothers and daughters, best friends from elementary school, love of college roommates, sons and fathers, first loves, high school sweethearts, old married couples still in love, newlyweds with honeymoon love, or maybe newlyweds going through a tough year but in love, sister love, brother love, puppy and kitty love, longing for love, missing your love, stranger love, whatever stage of life you are in, loved ones, remember how you have been loved, hope for how you will be loved, and by all means, take a day and show your love anew to those around you :) love, and it will come back to you.

Happy Saint Valentines Day


Sunday, February 6, 2011


It's Superbowl Sunday! I'm excited just because of the commercials. AND the snacks. AND the chance to just sit on the couch and relax-take a break from the basement :) Jeff isn't too excited because he really dislikes the Steelers and has never really been fond of the Packers. We'll cheer for the Packers, though, just for something to do ;) Here's our spread-not bad, eh?!

the snacks even brought the kitties together, which is quite unusual!