Thursday, October 8, 2015

September 2015

It might be the end of summer but it's not the end of fun around here! Take a look for yourself :)

annual back to school night! Cade is a Junior this year, which is hard to believe! I try to make it special, and I think deep down he appreciates it, but let's face it, a new set of rules and expectations sprinkled with candy probably isn't that exciting for a teenage boy ;)

our insane upside down dog

cheering for Cade in our favorite kind of course-in the forest! 

Livi and I hiked her favorite hike, to the painted rock. 

building a fairy house
the steep stone steps on part of the hike.

Cade's friend gave Livi 3 new teddy bears because they were cleaning out the place. She loved them! 

"mama. let's take a selfie with all the teddy bears!"

go Cade! 

Livi likes to run her own races at each meet, too. 

warming up

just shopping at Lowes in her leotard

a perfect day for the Beach, and Livi got in the water almost more than she ever has this day! It was Labor Day and the usual beaches were so full we couldn't get in, so we tried this one we've never swam at before. Head Beach

just a little morning gymnastics

princess grocery shopping

enjoying an apple from our own tree

riding her balance bike down a pretty steep hill at Hyde school

walking on the docks after the farmers market

The Princess in Black shopping at Lowes

a rare special treat at Cafe Creme

Georgie may be a pain in the neck, but she is really good with Olivia

another awesome beach day at Reid, where Olivia met a friend to play with for a while

go Cade! 

a Little Free Library at the train station in Brunswick

Jeff has been working crazy hard on the kitchen since July. It is already so pretty, and getting closer to being finished with each weekend :)

here is progress on the range hood he built

For International Peace Day we made a Tibetan Prayer flag and thank you cards for the Policemen and Firement

one of my favorite Fall places to go/things to do

Maine blueberry soda

finally gymnastics started again! 

walking home from gymnastics, throwing leaves and singing songs about Fall :)

and preschool storytime at the library started, too! 

check out our carrots! 

roasting marshmallows

we went to a Fairy House tour in Portsmouth NH, about 1.5 hours away. We met up with friends who moved from Bath to NH this summer, which was a bonus. 

now we have backsplash and paint!