Thursday, June 16, 2016

May 2016

Summer has started off with a bang! Sometimes I think our life is pretty normal/ordinary, but then I look back at our pictures and realize how incredibly lucky we really are!

just playing cars in her broncos shirt, pink skirt and polkadot pants ;)

painting with Stella

unbelievable tulips from our garden

racing around Library Pond with Charlotte

planting veggies in the new garden boxes in the rain

Jeff and Livi dyed my hair for my birthday. bye bye two year old grays.

a selfie photo shoot by Olivia...

looky looky

gelato for my birhday!

more gardening

birthday pics with my girl

performing a dance for Nadxieli (via photos) for Mothers Day

preschool field trip to the beach. This is our good friend Clara.

making end of year gifts for the teachers and students

Fort Popham

Last day of preschool

my little poser

more fun times with Jonathan at Library Park

Farmers Market

and the pond continues

we went to a little farm and cafe on a lovely Saturday

and a hike, of course

magnolia tree at Hyde School

ballet recital

the greatest dance teacher ever, Allison!

fiinding creative ways to give an 18 year old cash ;)

Happy 18th, Cade!

sprinkler time

catching tadpoles to put in our pond

flash back to the 80s

Maine Maritme Museum days

Waterfront Park picinic

gymnastics show

checking out Boothbay Harbor

new car! (aka used Subaru Forester)


she is a total pro at baseball!

first clamming trip of the season