Monday, April 30, 2012


Cousin Asher and Olivia meeting each other!

Livi and her sometimes BFF Clare Bear

Aw! Asher definitely liked Olivia more than me. I must have been scary because he cried all the time when I got close to him!

Hannah and Asher checking out the chickies.

Hannah posing by the pond :)

Hannah hugging Livi

Hannah was so sweet with both Asher and Olivia, giving them hugs and playing with them.She is an adorable girl and has such a sweet personality!

Hey Asher, wanna play with me?

OK, sure, Olivia :)

Jenn and Asher relaxing by the pond

This exersaucer was awesome! Livi might get to play with it when Asher is all done.

Going to the park. Hannah pushed Asher the whole way-and fast!

Hanging out with Daddy watching Hannah play on the playground.

Adorable, like I said.
 Side story. There was a sweet and cute little latina girl at the park who became friends with Hannah. She asked her her name and then went to her mama and said, "Mama, this is me hermana, Hannah." Meaning, her sister. It was adorable! Then sadly, Hannah got hurt and when Jake was holding her and she was crying, the sweet little Genesis came over and asked "what's wrong with my brother?" She wanted to make sure her new friend was OK. A few minutes later when we were all sitting on the bench and Hannah was recuperating, Genesis came over and asked "are you feeling better? Do you want to go play?" And then took Hannah's hand and off they went. It was one of the sweetest, most innocent things I have witnessed and it truly made me cry. (I know, I know, what doesn't make me cry?!) But still, it made my hope Olivia will be as compassionate and friendly and sweet, and hey, that even I will be!
Asher sitting with us on the table while we ate!

Just relaxin'

Pretty tulips from our yard

Olivia seeing the tulips

We all love Spring!

Grandma and Grandpa Schurz came over on my birthday as a layover on their way to Ireland. They got to spend time with Olivia while Jeff and I went on a birthday date.

Birthday picture with my girl :)

Going for a walk on a chilly day. Isn't she cute in her hoody?!

This is how we eat most of the time. With "help."

Chewing on Sophie for the first time.

Feet crossed, totally chill :) Now that is what I call a good evening! Sure beats crying for 2-3 hours! YAY!

Olivia Layne - 17 weeks/4 months

Where does the time go??? You are growing up before our eyes! We found out at your 4 month appointment that you are our petite little petunia! You weigh 13lb, 2.5 oz and that is only the 29th percentile. You are 24 inches tall, which is only the 31st percentile. However your head, sweet, smart girl, is in the 77th percentile! You MUST be smart, then :) Your hair is getting lighter and lighter, but is still a dark blonde or light brown. If I remember my biology correctly, your eyes will stay blue since Daddy and I both have blue eyes. Cheryl thinks you have mama's eyes, which makes me happy :) You are a little chatterbox nowadays and very smiley. You seem to save your best, brightest smiles for your Daddy. He sure lights you up and you love him so much! He got you to laugh a couple of times in a row this morning and I missed it! Hopefully I'll hear that precious sound very soon! You love Clarence and talk to him whenever he is near. You like to pet him and grab his fur. He is learning this and doesn't come near as often anymore! You fit into most 3-6 month clothes. Your cloth diapers are really working well! I'm going to try using cloth wipes, we'll see how that goes soon enough. Cheryl, your sitter, seems to really love you. You fell asleep in my arms while I was chatting with her one morning and rather than have me put you down in bed she wanted to snuggle you for a bit :) She sends me text messages and  picture messages sometimes to tell me how you are doing and it just makes my day! I still miss you like crazy when I'm at work, little one. Sometimes it feels like you make my heart explode with joy! You got to meet two of your four first cousins, Hannah and Asher. They came for a visit. It was fun to see Hannah give you hugs. Asher is 3 months older than you, so it was cool to see what you'll be in to in a couple of months. What cuties they both are! I also got to celebrate my first birthday with you this year. You and Daddy got me a beautiful necklace with your name on it so I can always have you with me :) You took your first trip to the mall with mama this weekend. We strolled around and had a grand time and then you fell asleep. I bought a diaper bag while we were out. It's funny the things new mama's like to shop for. It was great to get another new change of scenery with you, and know that we can add another outing to our list of things to do. I've had a cold for the past 6 days. It is NO FUN. I'm afraid you caught a little of it because you have a tiny cough. You also had your first fever. I'm not sure if it was from my cold, whatever Asher had when they were here or your shots, but it was so sad. You have been out of sorts since the shots, and I'm really hoping you'll feel better today. We hate seeing you in pain or feeling sick and not being able to help you. Of course we can't protect you from everything, and you'll have to grow big and strong by experiencing tough things, but right now, (oh and probably always) I'll sure WANT to protect you from everything. You are an amazing little girl, Livi Layne! We love you!

Look at that smile!!!