Monday, April 30, 2012


Cousin Asher and Olivia meeting each other!

Livi and her sometimes BFF Clare Bear

Aw! Asher definitely liked Olivia more than me. I must have been scary because he cried all the time when I got close to him!

Hannah and Asher checking out the chickies.

Hannah posing by the pond :)

Hannah hugging Livi

Hannah was so sweet with both Asher and Olivia, giving them hugs and playing with them.She is an adorable girl and has such a sweet personality!

Hey Asher, wanna play with me?

OK, sure, Olivia :)

Jenn and Asher relaxing by the pond

This exersaucer was awesome! Livi might get to play with it when Asher is all done.

Going to the park. Hannah pushed Asher the whole way-and fast!

Hanging out with Daddy watching Hannah play on the playground.

Adorable, like I said.
 Side story. There was a sweet and cute little latina girl at the park who became friends with Hannah. She asked her her name and then went to her mama and said, "Mama, this is me hermana, Hannah." Meaning, her sister. It was adorable! Then sadly, Hannah got hurt and when Jake was holding her and she was crying, the sweet little Genesis came over and asked "what's wrong with my brother?" She wanted to make sure her new friend was OK. A few minutes later when we were all sitting on the bench and Hannah was recuperating, Genesis came over and asked "are you feeling better? Do you want to go play?" And then took Hannah's hand and off they went. It was one of the sweetest, most innocent things I have witnessed and it truly made me cry. (I know, I know, what doesn't make me cry?!) But still, it made my hope Olivia will be as compassionate and friendly and sweet, and hey, that even I will be!
Asher sitting with us on the table while we ate!

Just relaxin'

Pretty tulips from our yard

Olivia seeing the tulips

We all love Spring!

Grandma and Grandpa Schurz came over on my birthday as a layover on their way to Ireland. They got to spend time with Olivia while Jeff and I went on a birthday date.

Birthday picture with my girl :)

Going for a walk on a chilly day. Isn't she cute in her hoody?!

This is how we eat most of the time. With "help."

Chewing on Sophie for the first time.

Feet crossed, totally chill :) Now that is what I call a good evening! Sure beats crying for 2-3 hours! YAY!


The Lynns said...

Love it, Ter! She is getting so big! Can't wait to see her - and you - again!! We need to do dinner soon! Love ya!

Sarah said...

Oh Ter! She's getting so big! Happiest birthday to you... what a beautiful birthday picture with your sweet girl. So thankful that you're getting longer stretches with no crying!