Thursday, April 30, 2015

catching up (or the world record for the most photos in one post!)

Cade's first track meet of the season. We think he got 7th in the mile!

He also got 7th on the long jump and there is no doubt he can really improve!

Livi and I went to Healthy Kids Day at the Y. They had all kinds of activities and we participated in (a little) yoga, Zumba, lots of gymnastics, wall climbing, healthy eating, part of the obstacle course, and her favorite, SWIMMING!

We tried roller skating with our wonderful neighbors who have an 8 year old son. Livi loved it, but it was hard! So many flashbacks to junior high!

On my birthday we worked on a birdhouse together. Livi got a little bored, so Jeff did most of the work. This was the next day when it was ready to be hung up. Isn't the roof brilliant?! That's my man!

Livi helping me blow out my birthday candle.

customary birthday photo :) We don't look a day over 29.

One of my fave pictures of Jeff.

When I was on my girls trip Olivia and Jeff picked out my presents and hid them!


Olivia couldn't wait to help me open my presents

a lovely and sweet journal from Scottie

the first stage of painting the bird feeder

I got creative with Livi's hair and she let me!

she got creative and built a machine

while Daddy worked on the front garden, Olivia gave worms new homes.

separating the 8" pieces from the 9" pieces of the bird feeder

Daddy's saw is too loud!

playing fetch with Georgie

the high jump portion of the meet. Cade might trade this in for the Javelin...

Livi is a pretty good sport at Cade's events. She still wants us to play, but she does some great cheering, too. :)

racing some cars down the driveway


I was telling the girls on our trip that I really like grocery shopping with Olivia. Here is why. She has so much fun pretending through every aisle!

dance class

we made peace pinwheels for the garden on Earth Day

a worm
story time at the bookstore

We went on a train ride/Easter egg hunt. It was freezing and I would say not well organized, but it was quite an adventure.

chasing bubbles at Hyde with Olie on a semi warm day

she made her own ice skates out of blocks

we made a fairy garden! it was more like a dream come true for me! Livi helped pick the plants and furniture and painted the house and helped decide the layout. It was a blast. The garden has a fence, a house, a toadstool for them to sit on, a rock for a door, shiny blue glass rocks for a path, a bench, a lantern and a tire swing!

playing Bingo at the library

watering her fairy garden

walking up to dance class

playing with Harrison and Baby Ella
a warm enough day for the park!

the first hints of Spring

having a tea party with hippo and hello kitty

Jeff is working on cabinets for the kitchen

our first outdoor picnic of the season

a fairy/princess house

happy Spring

the crazy mad rush for eggs at the end of the train ride

I was sicker than I've almost ever been on Easter, so I missed out on all these festivities. Thankfully Jeff took some great pictures.

this is a dress my grandma made for me when I was 3 or 4!

a fairy house with train tracks!

walking around the library

playing, climbing and making fairy houses at waterfront park

cosmic kids yoga

a sleeping angel

making up games with paper squares

reading a book