Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mustard Yellow

Ugh. We seem to have bad luck with paint. While we LOVE the new paint in the kitchen and dining room, Jeff was a sweetheart and painted a wall in the living room last night and now it looks SO YELLOW. It's overwhelming. And so disappointing. I'm telling you, I took this very personally. Imagine being so happy that your husband now likes his home more. He's pleased with the the FEEL of it. Only to find out it was just a mirage. It's not perfect after all. What a let down. We both know it's just a color. It only took 2 hours last night to paint the wall in the living room and so it will not be a big deal to repaint it a different color. Clearly in the grand scheme of thing it's not a big deal. And yet, I'm sad. It's the IDEA more than the actual situation. The idea of loving where you live. The idea of coming home to a place that feels complete. Feels inviting. Feels settled. Now the thoughts of picking a new paint- moving the furniture and pictures-Painting the wall AGAIN to see if it works- Possibly being let down AGAIN- loom over us. It's just paint. It's just a color. You know how some things just hit that button, though? That button that can deflate you for a moment. Well, that button got hit last night. Oh well, now we move on and figure out what to do. Cross your fingers.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Riviera Sand

Painting. Oh my, how i do NOT love it. What did we do yesterday? We painted. The kitchen and dining room. Yep, we painted the whole house when we moved in last year. Now we're painting again. But let me say this, Jeff wasn't a fan of the old color. And let me say this, the new color is GORGEOUS. I'm telling you it transforms the place. It looks like it could be in a magazine, in my humble opinion. And so, because I love my husband, and I want him to love our home, I paint. Only the living room, hall way and 2nd floor to go. I'm working on my "OMG we have to get this done now, right now, all at once or I'll die" frame of mind. We're going to do it a little at a time. We're not going to hate it. We're going to have a good attitude. Yeah. We'll see. But in the end, it is going to be beautiful. Stay tuned :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

College friends to lifelong sisters

Last night I was overcome with thankfulness for my college girlfriends. I was lucky enough to meet some of the most amazing girls in college who are now some of my closest friends, 7 years later. A couple of weeks ago 6 of us were able to get together and catch up. The memories that flew through my mind were so bright and full of love. Listen, we all know friendships change, and with us that is true. Some of us get together more than others. Some talk on the phone more. Some are closer in distance than others. But in the midst of the distance, the time apart, the different stages of life, our friendships remain strong, the bonds we share can't be broken, and for that my heart is alive. It is often times hard to find a time when we can all get together, and I don't know that there will ever be a time when ALL of us can be together at once, but it is never hard for us to pick right back up when we are together. Jess, Grace, Tiff, Sarah, Steph, Kim, Sara and Ash. These names are written on my heart. Sweet, hilarious, smart, kind, generous, honest, loyal, trustworthy, successful, fun, strong, steadfast, gentle, intentional, vulnerable, loud, quiet, contemplative, thoughtful, spontaneous, gorgeous, mothers, wives, friends, daughters, girlfriends, girls, women. Just a few words to describe my precious friends.
We are celebrating joyful occasions in the midst of grief, pushing laughter right through sorrow and depression to the smiles at the other end, crying with each other during heartache, sharing life after years apart, yet feeling only seconds away, living life together after much loss, hoping and expecting a future filled with more of the same. Girls, you are my friends. You are my sisters. I love you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Random Summer Fun

Cade playing the Finnigan. Finn is literally the fastest, playfullest (it's a word NOW) and bravest little kitty I've ever seen. So cute!

Sara and her new daughter Sadie were in Denver last week and I got to see my great friend and meet her new little girl. They both looked GREAT and Sar is a great mom :)

Here are three of the tiny frogs in our pond. We have at least 4 and two more tadpoles. Jeff hasn't seen the frogs in several days, so we're wondering if they left the pond to explore and forgot to come back...? I'll keep you posted as I'm sure you're dying to know ;)

Summer is over for Jeff. He started at his new school last week with new teacher orientation. We joined all the math teachers at a BBQ on Saturday and it was fun to meet all his new colleagues and their families. They seem really nice and the BBQ was actually at a house on the street I grew up on, just 4 houses away from my old house! Talk about memories. I got to walk over and see our old neighbors and it was so wonderful. We went to Dave and Busters today and had a wild time playing tons of games and collecting 350 tickets! Enough to get a whole mug and pack of Nerds ;) Cade has to go back to Idaho next weekend :( I'm not looking forward to the sadness to come. Hopefully we'll have a nice last week. Thanks for stopping in!