Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mustard Yellow

Ugh. We seem to have bad luck with paint. While we LOVE the new paint in the kitchen and dining room, Jeff was a sweetheart and painted a wall in the living room last night and now it looks SO YELLOW. It's overwhelming. And so disappointing. I'm telling you, I took this very personally. Imagine being so happy that your husband now likes his home more. He's pleased with the the FEEL of it. Only to find out it was just a mirage. It's not perfect after all. What a let down. We both know it's just a color. It only took 2 hours last night to paint the wall in the living room and so it will not be a big deal to repaint it a different color. Clearly in the grand scheme of thing it's not a big deal. And yet, I'm sad. It's the IDEA more than the actual situation. The idea of loving where you live. The idea of coming home to a place that feels complete. Feels inviting. Feels settled. Now the thoughts of picking a new paint- moving the furniture and pictures-Painting the wall AGAIN to see if it works- Possibly being let down AGAIN- loom over us. It's just paint. It's just a color. You know how some things just hit that button, though? That button that can deflate you for a moment. Well, that button got hit last night. Oh well, now we move on and figure out what to do. Cross your fingers.


mom said...

I do have my fingers and toes crossed that you will find the color that feels just right when you walk into your living room.

jotoart111 said...

I love the brave way that you and Jeff just painted your walls..way to go guys!!