Sunday, May 29, 2016

April 2016

I figured now that it's almost June I'd better post April pictures! 
We got a new loveseat and of course Jeff made a gorgeous sofa table to go behind it!

just posin' before gymnastics class started

playing with her good friend Jonathan at Waterfront Park

and at the library

and climbing

eeking out some warmth on the porch on our first warmish day

racing some cars down the driveway

taking an adventure one not-so-warm day. beach AND hike!

The Giant Stairs on Orrs Island

her first salon appointment! She was SO excited and LOVED the experience. Of course I shed a tear.

This was before the salon, she let me do a cool braid thing :)

notice her hands. she is so adorable and beautiful and funny!

she even performs on makeshift stages at lumber yards ;)

and what have we here? a new pond in progress, perhaps?

ladybug, ant and worm houses all around.

library pond: catching frogs

flying kites with Jonathan

my birthday present: a new dining room-paint, curtains and table runner ;)

Livi got to help set the table for our neighbor's Passover dinner party. They read the story of Moses, acted out with paper puppets, and it took FOREVER. But Livi did an amazing job being patient and trying out all the very different foods!

happy bday to me

new hair color for my bday, courtesy of box dye and Jeff and Olivia

gifts from our garden

biking with Jonathan

playing while "watching" a tennis match. Cade was on the team but sadly never got to play since he wasn't in the top 7 :(

Healthy Kids Day at the Y. My little climber!

Eating at Shutty's to celebrate Cade getting an academic letter!

Now hopefully I'll post May before the end of June!!! xoxo