Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jeff's latest project

My wonderful and talented husband just finished his latest project, an end table (or side table, occasional table, we don't know) and I must say, along with the last kitchen table he made, it's my favorite piece so far. He used bamboo, beech and walnut and the combination with the design is stunning. He even used inlays for the fisrt time and they are awesome! Take a look:

for some reason I only have 2 "in process" shots, but at least you have an idea of how the color of the wood is brought out with the finish process he uses.

the front

the back

the top (beech with walnut inlays)

an angeled view

a close up of the drawers (bamboo with walnut inlays)

smooth sliding drawers!

in it's new home

Holding onto worry

Preparing to bring a child into the world comes with it's own set of unique fears. I already worry a bit to much about life in general, I already worry about Cade and even Jeff. And now I worry about a myriad of things that come with a new baby. Let's just be honest, of my silliest and yet most prominent fears is not knowing how to HOLD my own little baby! Last night I went to a friends house to see her new 3 day old baby girl. Madeline was 6.5lbs when she was born but down to 6 yesterday. Needless to say she was a tiny little thing. Nicole went to put her in my arms (after I freaked out and said I'd better sit down. as if I'm 6) and I had no idea how to position my arms to cuddle the little thing. Nicole had to instruct my to relax my arm so that my elbow wasn't all askew leaving a giant hole for the baby to fall right through. Of course she was so easy and gracious when she suggested I just relax my arm, not like "what the heck are you doing? haven't you ever held a baby before you ridiculous woman!?" All the same, I fear that holding and taking care of something so small and fragile (although Jeff tells me over and over again that they aren't that fragile-and I say back to him, well just pretend they are!) is so unnatural for me that I'll mess up. Nicole even reassured me that she is the same way with other people's babies, but it comes more naturally when it is your own. Isn't she so sweet? I sure hope she's right. I'd better visit Madeline more often to get more practice! And I won't even go into my more logical fears. I don't want to put those into the universe! Oh boy, what are we getting into? I can't wait, though!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

BUMP-15 weeks

Let's face it, I feel like this bump is really big. I mean, I've heard that because I'm tall and thin it would take a while for the baby to show. Maybe it's because I like the bump and so I take pictures after I eat! If I took pictures right when I wake up I think it would not be very visible. Am I cheating???

weekend love, music, dragonflies and other things

This weekend consisted of visiting family, a wedding, a baby, and so much more! My grandparents and parents came to our house for a quick lunch and it was so fun to see them. Jeff and I went to see my dear friend Tiff and Brian's new baby John (3 days old!) and we got to celebrate with another dear friend, Sarah as she married her love, Josh. We also got some good chicken time and trombone time in. I love weekends! Why can't weekends be 4 days long and weeks be 3 days long? I don't think I'm asking too much here.

Cade played trombone last year in 6th grade and will be playing again in 7th. We rented one so he could get used to it again before school starts. It seems like a really hard instrument and he's doing great! (see a video at the end of this post from his first day back at it. PLUS a hilarious video of Jeff trying it!)

Grandma, Dad and Cade enjoying our oasis.

Mom, Granddad, Jeff, Grandma and Cade.

I was trying out my artistic camera skills by shooting this dragonfly. I need to figure out how to focus better.

No dragonfly, just a fun waterfall shot

Jeff and the chickies

Look at Ruby going for that grass!

Pretty red Ruby and Carmelita posing

This is baby John. His legs were so long and skinny and so were his feet! I practiced holding him and trust me, I need the practice! He was so sweet and Tiff and Brian really seem to be adjusting to parenting brilliantly.

Steph trying to hide from the rain while we wait for Sarah and Josh's wedding to being. It ended up clearing up and being just gorgeous.

Josh waiting for he beautiful bride

Grace, a bridesmaid, looking on as Sarah came down the aisle.

Sarah's mom and brother walked her down the aisle, it was a precious thing as her dad died from cancer in 2005. Later in the reception Andy, her brother, read a message from her dad that brought everyone to tears. Very special.

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Duran!

Jeff and Steph's hubby Casey chatting and waiting for their silly wives to hurry up.

Steph, Grace and Ter

The wedding was at the Botanical Gardens in Littleton. We ate under a white tent, put gifts in the bed of that awesome vintage truck, and danced in front of a grand red barn.

I love these girls!

Silly hubby

With the beautiful bride!

Grace and Phyllis, Sar's mama. She is the most wonderful lady! We were talking about baseball because Grace's cousin pitches for the Royals, and Phyllis said that aside from this wedding celebration there isn't much better than sitting at a baseball game on a summer night :)

The mosquitoes were like a swarm of crazy attack dogs all night. Steph had one on her arm and Jeff slapped her so hard it left a mark! (I was trying to find a good way to tell about how awful the mosquitoes were and Jeff just said "the mosquitoes were attracted to us like like Josh is to Sarah. awww." He was being totally facetious, but it was still pretty awesome.)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Whole Living update

Confession: I don’t love the homemade natural laundry detergent. I tried. I love the IDEA. But it leaves a strange, and to my sensitive nose, unpleasant smell on my clothes, towels, and even the new baby stroller L Plan B will be to check out some other natural options that I can perhaps purchase.

I’m trying to avoid canned foods because of the BPA’s. SO, I was thrilled when I found these awesome seasoned black beans that aren’t in a can. “I’m saving our bodies!” I thought to myself. And Jeff thinks they are delicious. Of course then he just had to remind me that, yes, they aren’t in cans, BUT, they are packaged in PLASTIC! UGH! One step forward, 2 steps back?

I’ve heard that it might be better for people to use products that don’t contain the ingredient “fragrance.” Well believe me, it’s not that easy to do. I tried Aveno body wash and Aveno baby lotion, which both work really well and are mostly natural. But when we went on vacation I took one of my handy travel sized body washes-Caress Glowing Touch. Let me just tell you it’s HEAVEN. I’m not craving any foods during my pregnancy yet, but I did start craving that scent! Goodbye Aveno, hello fragrance. I wish they made shampoo, conditioner and lotion in the same scent! Oh well, you win some you lose some.

I LOVE the homemade cleaner I made with vinegar, water and a few drops of orange essential oil, though!

That’s all for this update. I will keep working at things and keep you posted J

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Bump-14 weeks

Here is me and the little poppy. I already posted this but wanted to take part in Embrace the Camera, so here we are again :)