Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jeff's latest project

My wonderful and talented husband just finished his latest project, an end table (or side table, occasional table, we don't know) and I must say, along with the last kitchen table he made, it's my favorite piece so far. He used bamboo, beech and walnut and the combination with the design is stunning. He even used inlays for the fisrt time and they are awesome! Take a look:

for some reason I only have 2 "in process" shots, but at least you have an idea of how the color of the wood is brought out with the finish process he uses.

the front

the back

the top (beech with walnut inlays)

an angeled view

a close up of the drawers (bamboo with walnut inlays)

smooth sliding drawers!

in it's new home


Andrew and Anneke said...

Wow!!! He is really impressive!!

mom said...

That is as nice a piece of furnitur as I've seen anywhere. Stunning!

Carly said...

That really is stunning. He's got a gift--I bet he could make a fortune selling pieces like this one. I'd buy!