Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More Christmassy Fun

diapering baby

a new place for oranges :)

playing with cotton balls

she slept like this for 2 hours in my lap. it was total heaven.

waiting to be seated at Red Robin. it's noteworthy that this was probably the best dining out experience she's had so far. We had to take a couple of laps around the place while we waited for the food, but then she sat patiently for a while and also ate a ton of her spaghetti until it was time to go :) 

taking pictures by her beautiful stocking made by Abuela (Nayelle's mom) So special! 

The cutest wine ever! 

cheers ;)

putting up the new LED lights

beautiful December day.Walking to the park.

"hard no" (hard snow)

eventually shedded the coat and hat it was so lovely!

she sat down in the grass and crossed her ankles. so cute!

checking out door number 13: "coclit" (chocolate)


stacking all the presents from Aunt Ann and Grandpa

visiting the Broadmoor lights and giant gingerbread house