Thursday, November 5, 2015

October 2015

This little sweetie got sick and took her first nap in about a year!

she wanted me to take a picture of her and Curious George

learning how to button

enjoying a beautiful and colorful Fall day

jumping, of course

Cade and some of his xc team

first day of preschool! (10/20/15)

preschool selfie

by her cubby. she could seriously not be any cuter.

after school celebration


Livi and Stella

halloween window stickers from gma and gpa Smalberger

a fun new hike. it was gorgeous!

beautiful kitchen

making jack-o-lanterns

dance class finally starts again!

Livi and Stella

kitchen with dishes!

just a snapshot of our cute kids room at the library

a ballet kit from grandma and grandpa Schurz

trick or treating at preschool!

tinkerbell playing with bubbles

and they chopped down our gorgeous tree :( It has a gigantic split in the trunk, and the power company decided after the last big rain storm that it had changed enough to become dangerous. such a bummer.

Halloween treats!

Go Cade!!!

putting together Daddy's birthday present: at treat basket

making Daddy's bday banner

cleaning up for Daddy's celebration! (it was her idea!)

just snacking and relaxing

happy birthday Daddy!

Livi loves kitties. This one came over and we made a toy for it to play with.

our tree changing colors before it was cut down.

Curious George and Livi collecting pretty leaves

Livi and I went on a sneaky mission across the river to try to take pictures of Bath with the Fall colors. It was pretty fun :)

trying to capture the beauty. next up, and island!

Happy Halloween from Tinkerbell and Mama Kitty

photo by Livi. Daddy was dressed up as a Daddy ;)