Saturday, December 29, 2012

Olivia Layne - 52 Weeks

I want to write some sort of magical post on this special day. The day my baby turned one. But the words aren't flowing out of my heart onto paper as one might expect. Maybe it's because I'm still processing this amazing year, this unbelievable child of mine. Maybe it's because it's all been said in the previous 51 weekly posts. Or maybe it's because it's just too special. It's something I want to cherish in my heart of hearts, this love that pours out of me for my sweet Olivia Layne. Livi, there truly are not enough big, lovely, glorious words to express what you mean to me, how wonderful, smart, funny, sweet, and perfect you are. Sometimes I look at you and tears spring to my eyes because I can't believe you are mine. Sometimes when I'm singing you a lullabye I have to pause because I'm overcome with love. Today when Daddy and I sang Happy Birthday to you I couldn't finish it because of all the emotion threatened to pour right out. I hope when you read these words someday you will know, without even having to have read them, how much you are loved. Happy Birthday sweet girl.


Tidings of Joy

Well we have had a most wonderful Christmas break so far. Olivia and I got to attend our annual girls brunch, but this year it was appetizers and sadly we were missing Gracie. It was a blast, though, with all the newest members of our girls group ;) Jeff and Livi and I then traveled West to Montrose to have Christmas with the Schurz family. Needless to say we were dreading the nearly 5 hour drive. Olivia isn't much of a fan of the car, even after getting her new big girl car seat. BUT, she did a pretty great job, I do believe. On the way there I decided to calculate it all out (so I could remind Daddy just how bad it really WASN'T ;) She cried for about 1/15th of the time, which was a total of 20 minutes. She slept for 1/3 of  the time and we were out of the car for about 1/15th of the time. The rest of the time she was awake and Mama was rightthere entertaining her 100% of the time. It was a bit exhausting for my neck and not relaxing at all, but a heckuva lot more relaxing than a crying baby for 5 hours, am I right? The way home consisted of even LESS crying! Jeff still says we're never going anywhere again, but I am hoping I can twist his arm :) Now for the photos. There are so many but I just couldn't delete them. Scroll quickly unless you are a die hard fan. Merry Christmas!
Tiff's son "Baby John" and Olivia

Me, Livi, Sarah, Steph, Jaxon, Tiff and Baby John

We miss you Grace!

In Montrose getting to know Lucy the dog

Olivia loved looking at all the birds outside this window

Playing with a vintage and amazing Fisher Price toy in front of the gorgeous tree

Playing with an old wooden train. Granted this picture makes it look more magical than it was, it only captured her attention for a couple of minutes ;)

Bundling up for a walk downtown

Lots of cute shops. This one had gorgeous handmade wooden toys. I think Jeff should start a similar business!

Every year Patsy makes a boatload of cookies. Daddy introduced Olivia to quite a variety this year.

Yay sugar!

Getting to use a neighbors hot tub. It was snowing. We all had fun!

Let's not forget the Cream Soda

Santa came!

Teething biscuits. You should have seen her go at one of these in the car on the way home. A delicious car ride distraction ;)

Grandpa and Grandma checking out what Santa brought

Glasses on the eyes and on the head. You never know what you might need to see ;)

A new family tradition that I'm so excited about. A puzzle! You should see the pieces. Made of thick wood and cut into actual shapes like horse and carriage, monkeys, men and women. Amazing!

A new baby! She has had a blast with her new baby and now she has a friend that isn't 32 years old. (she's been playing with my old dolls.)

Giving baby a bottle

Grandpa helping hold Ben the cat so Olivia could shower him with the same love she shows Clarence.

Taking a ride in a box

Giving baby a ride

Love that smile :)

New pajamas and Leopard

A gorgeous dress from Great Grandpa!

A wink and a point?

I know. I'm just cute.

Cute in a dress. Cute in snow pants.

A walk with Grandpa and Lucy

"playing" in the snow for the first time

Cousin Asher, who is about 3 months older.

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Story time with cousin Hannah who is almost 5!

Asher got a firetruck from Olivia and when the noise and lights came on he would get so excited and do a little dance!

playing together

Olivia LOVED Hannah's new doll.

Sharing snacks

This was grandma's attempt to get the three little grandkids in a picture. The attempt was a failure :(

Olivia loves these puffy cheeto type things and it is hilarious to watch her shove them in her mouth

And that is that. Stay tuned for more random winter pictures AND birthday pictures!