Saturday, December 29, 2012

Olivia Layne - 52 Weeks

I want to write some sort of magical post on this special day. The day my baby turned one. But the words aren't flowing out of my heart onto paper as one might expect. Maybe it's because I'm still processing this amazing year, this unbelievable child of mine. Maybe it's because it's all been said in the previous 51 weekly posts. Or maybe it's because it's just too special. It's something I want to cherish in my heart of hearts, this love that pours out of me for my sweet Olivia Layne. Livi, there truly are not enough big, lovely, glorious words to express what you mean to me, how wonderful, smart, funny, sweet, and perfect you are. Sometimes I look at you and tears spring to my eyes because I can't believe you are mine. Sometimes when I'm singing you a lullabye I have to pause because I'm overcome with love. Today when Daddy and I sang Happy Birthday to you I couldn't finish it because of all the emotion threatened to pour right out. I hope when you read these words someday you will know, without even having to have read them, how much you are loved. Happy Birthday sweet girl.

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Sarah said...

Happy birthday Olivia!

And Terri... what a beautiful mama you are. I have loved watching Olivia grow this past year via the blog, but I have loved watching YOU grow as well. You amaze, and inspire, and encourage me. Love you, friend!