Friday, January 11, 2013


Happy Birthday sweet Olivia. What fun we’ve had celebrating you! We got to open presents after Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Schurz, have a cupcake on your actual birthday with Mama and Daddy and then have a fun party with friends and family and ANOTHER cupcake and more presents! At your one year appointment you were 19 pounds, 8 oz and 29 inches. In the 45th (ish) percentile for weight but springing up into the 50th percentile for height!
You love to eat turkey and cheese, grapes, tomatoes and spinach. The funny thing is that you really only want to eat what Daddy is eating. If you have the exact same thing he has, you still don’t want it unless it comes right off of his plate, off of his spoon, out of his glass. You silly goose!
You are getting more fearless with your body and your surroundings and like to bounce/dance on your bottom, stand up and do a booty dance while holding the couch and sort of slide on your tummy. You put your arm in the air when you see football and hear us say Gooooooo Broncos and you can give a high five. You also just learned how to sign "all done" and you’ve done it several times in your highchair and even in the bath! You love to fall back while you are sitting and land on a soft surface, but you don’t KNOW there is a soft surface or not and it gives mama a heart attack to think you’ll do it randomly while on the concrete or wood floors or in the tub.
You can put your binky in your own mouth and hold your own bottle. You like to play with your Russian nesting dolls, putting them together, taking them apart. You also love to hug soft and cuddly things like your new Penguin from Aunt Kimberly and your Leopard from Aunt Ann. You even hug your clothes and towel! You are a chatterbug. Talking in the car, in the tub, while you flip book pages. Your voice is the most precious sound. You love to sit in big people chairs. Daddy's rocking chair, the rocking chair in your room, the toddler chair in your room. You have even learned how to climb into your toddler chair. Yikes! 
We've been to the park a few times and you get a huge smile on your face when we go down the slide. Sometimes you think you will like the swing, but you really only stay in the swing for a few seconds.
You adore Clarence and the chickies and get so excited when you see them through the back sliding door. You are an animal lover and love seeing and petting any and every dog.
I THINK you have said Mama and known what you are saying maybe two times. You don't have any other words yet, but it may take a little longer since you are learning Spanish, too. You make it known what you want, though. I hope you will be able to learn a few more signs so you don't get too frustrated trying to tell us things.
The only time I nurse you now is in the middle of the night. Other times of the day you get a bottle of formula. I cried the first time I gave you a bottle while I rocked you to sleep. But we made it to a year sweet girl, and that is a big accomplishment. You don’t seem bothered by it and I’m okay with that timing, so forward we go! You don’t seem to care for the taste of whole milk. We try once in a while and you will have a swallow or two, so we’re working on combining a little milk with the formula to hopefully get you used to the taste. You don’t even like it with strawberry syrup!

And now, here are the (many, MANY) pictures to commemorate our celebrations of you. You are loved to the moon and back!
your first cupcake


right, Daddy?

party snacks

party guests: Nayelle and Paul and Sara's little bean, Sadie

more snacks and favors for the kiddies

party guests: Steph, Jaxon, Caden, Evan adn Sara and baby Beau

party guests: Nicole, Maddie, Jackson and Mom and Uncle Scottie

2nd cupcake!

party playtime!

going for a ride on Caden


aw, love it!

present time!


see...hugging her new shirt!

what is that guy?


oh yeah!

ummm, not so sure about this

yeah, I prefer standing with it

notice Clarence is always nearby!

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