Friday, January 11, 2013

Fun times!

taking after her mama!

maybe it's because I vacuumed so much while she was in my tummy?

truly, my floor has never been cleaner ;)

expereminting with a ponytail.

Clarence getting into yet another box

so happy riding the horsey!

not a very common sight-relaxing and snuggling

the gorgeous teepee great grammy made! checking it out for the first time

Clarence loves it

how precious is this?

it's final home-in the living room

we added lights!

playing with uncle scottie


Goooooo Broncos!


Erin said...

Love the teepee and the picture of her trying to mop the floors by her self. What a cutie!

Sarah said...

The teepee is amazing! Looks like you guys are having all sorts of fun :) Love it!

Ashley said...

Ter! PoSt! Post! Post! :)

Ps Isla's hair used to be done while in the hair chair and quickly!!!! Now it is while she watches caillou while I do first thing in the morning (or at night when I am working right before bed)