Monday, January 16, 2017

December, Magical December, 2016

so excited to open the first door of her advent house!

my little snow lover

Olivia's Christmas dance performance

Birthday girl! 5 years old!

A Christmas tea part in a fort with our fancy Christmas dishes

I'm pretty proud of this fairy cake :)

a photo shoot in our fancy birthday clothes

Birthday fun with Clara and Stella at the bowling alley

Jeff made this beautiful lamp and gave it to Cade

just a little sushi date

We went to the botanical gardens for their lights aglow display. It was gorgeous and fun.

Writing her letter to Santa!

modeling her fun yellow dress from Scott's wedding. Who says sun dresses are just for summer?

Mailing Santa's letter! How cute is our town?

Serious concentration while making a mug for Daddy.

A girl and her doggie

a little celebration with Stella, whose birthday is also in December

Enjoying Downtown Bath's open house evening

This girl never naps and has never fallen asleep really anywhere but her bed. Except here.

Cade helping put the spare tire on

again, totally not normal. The holidays must have worn her out!

A little girls trip to the mall

Making another sock snowman

playing with balloons

a few of our downtown window displays

trolley Christmas caroling

making Christmas cookies

my first attempt at gingerbread cookies for Santa.

a Christmas Eve hors d'ouerve

We are serious about our icing


carrots for the reindeer. (Olivia was SO excited about Christmas this year. I LOVED watching her experience all the magic. The first thing she wanted to do on Christmas morning was to check the carrots and then the cookies and milk!)

Santa gave Georgie a sweater

tracking Santa!

A couple of books we read told of Christmas trees for animals, strung with berries and popcorn, so we tried it. It was pretty, but I don't think our animals were into it ;)

Merry Christmas!

Skyping with the Schurz clan in Montrose. Fun to talk to cousins since we couldn't be with them.

A cord of wood for the carriage house stove

We went to Moana on Olivia's birthday. It was AMAZING! My new favorite.

Victoria and Livi
It's the middle of January while I post this. I miss the magic of the holidays! But it is so lovely to look back at all the special moments we were lucky enough to experience. Here's to 2017!