Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year-Merry ThanksChristmasGiving

this picture is what my heart looks like
Listen, I, like you, have noticed the stores putting out their tinsel and lights before Halloween. I have watched as Black Friday shopping starts earlier and earlier each year. I have seen the advertisements for Christmas retail employment in September. But maybe unlike you, I'm not so apt to roll my eyes or groan. Why? Because I LOVE Christmas! And yes, I love Thanksgiving, too. And I happen to think that having Christmas cheer for a couple of extra weeks is lovely, magical, and maybe helps me be even more thankful :) This is the earliest I have ever decorated, but I thought, why force myself to hold off if I want to deck the halls right now??? So here are some cheer-filled pictures, both Christmas and non ;)

Olivia giving baby a bath

Jeff being silly with his crazy long bear

sun burst!

daytime tree

night time tree

hung by the chimney with care

love my wrapping this year! 


bath time play

naked snack time

at the mall. I can't wait to take pictures with Santa!

riding the train at the mall. Olivia loves it and is SO cute. the train plays songs and after each one stops she claps and says "yay! more?"

baby enjoyed the train, too

Olivia's own tree this year!

she thought it was great fun to put the ornaments on, then take them off, and repeat

uncle Scott helping

I love this! We are both saying "cheese!"

Clarence enjoys Christmas cheer, too

she's not even looking at anything on the Kindle (maybe Facebook?), but this is just too hilarious. 

"fluffing" the branches. The not very fun part of decorating. But we managed to plaster on smiles anyway ;)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

hilarious videos of Olivia :)

Olivia wanted to take off her clothes and then she wanted Daddy to take off his! So funny. He only took his shirt off, but he pretty much does whatever she wants ;)

because I can't bring myself to delete ANY pictures

a bunch more profile attempts and a few extras :)


another trip to the zoo

baby lynx. i want one.