Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We had so much fun last night! I bought Olivia some fairy wings a month or so ago to see if she would have fun wearing them, but sadly she didn't like them. Oh well, I thought, she can wear her owl hat and just be an owl. Well, since Nayelle was going to take her to the library Halloween event on Tuesday, I decided to bring Olivia's wings over to her house to see if she'd like to play with them. And she did! And then she wore them on Tuesday and had a blast! Soooo, she was our little fairy last night. We went to the mall and I thought it was perfect. Nayelle and Grandma Smalberger joined us and we all had fun watching Olivia. She said "more" more times than ever before! I think we all did a pretty good job of limiting the sugar intake by distracting her with finding the next fun store. And we had hotdogs for dinner, a bonus! Enjoy some, OK a LOT of pictures of our fun :)

oh, and here is my awesome grandma!!!

my grandma again, all decked out for some fun! 

and her dapper cowboy hubby, Granddad! 

I love this smile on Nayelle's face :)

mmmmm, nummy!

she was so funny, she would want to sit down and have a piece of candy right then and there

just look at those eyes. she learned how to have a sucker! 

at first she was so excited about the cow-that was from a distance. Then we got closer and she was not so excited anymore ;)


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