Saturday, March 21, 2015

Picture This

More pictures!

changing from ballet slippers to tap shoes at dance class

sushi date and Olivia's smile :)

look at all that deliciousness

we killed it

and of course the princesses joined us

the new bookstore/tea shop

silly face

isn't the snow beautiful

snow fairy houses

we've had some great times climbing snow hills!


they wishing world

Georgie loves to look out and see what's going on

celebrating Dr. Seuss at the library

a special day in Boston. We went to the museum and a water park while Cade was at a video game convention

a day so warm we went without coats. I think it was 47 degrees!

another warm day where we hung out on the porch for a bit after school

trying on Cade's glasses

gotta do something outside!

St Patrick's Day Parade

icebergs on the river

playing at waterfront park after the parade

more fairy houses of course (we get to building and gathering and Olivia always says "it's not done yet" because she never wants it to end!)

practicing putting  on and taking off her shirt all by herself!

Olivia is such a great helper in the kitchen and cleaning up. She loves to vacuum as much as me ;)


I love this one. Her smile on command is too much.