Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Catching up

As you can see by the lack of blog posts, I can't seem to find the time to keep up here. Part of the reason is because we canceled our cable, and we use a new program for watching TV and movies that requires the computer. So when I might have blogged in the evenings in the past, the computer is now busy entertaining us. The other part is that I keep wishing I'd come up with a profound and lovely thing to write about rather than the normal post with 100s of photos. Alas, I will try to post photos today because I want to keep these cherished memories alive and I want our family and friends to see what we've been up to, too. So, let's see if all of our January and February happenings will fit in just one post...
playing trains and giving me her new standard "don't take my picture" face.

Jeff's lovely nautical chart gift from my parents and our pellet stove

building doors for the carriage house

Paw Patrol is on a roll!

the best part of making cookies

playing toy store


this was one of our earlier snows, before there was 3+ feet on the ground

so cool that our backyard has a perfect sledding hill

Paw Patrol in an Elsa dress

more progress!

tea party

see what I mean? don't take my picture!

imagination play with boxes at the library

dress up

ice skating!

Georgie is a VERY patient doggie

ballet school!

mitten craft at the library

it "warmed" up enough to walk to waterfront park for a picnic!

puzzle time at the library. look at what state piece was missing...

special treat!

LOTS of snow. Olivia is a champ when it comes to playing in the snow.

the princess castle-one of her favorite toys ever

sledding down our street!

shoveling. yikes. eww.

our neighbors snow tunnel/fort

look! it's Cade!

gymnastics. hula hooping is her favorite part.

picking up grandma and grandpa from the airport. Olivia loved playing on the escalator and elevator.

grandma Schurz plays Paw Patrol!

I really have no words to caption this.

watching two different movies.

playing ferry boat with Grandpa Schurz

downtown in the snow

you caught us-another special treat

Elsa helps find the hidden pictures

the library lends American Girl doll kits. This is Samantha.

Samantha plays with Olivia's doll Dora.

more craft time at the library!

a girls night out with my friend Katie!

brushing Daddy's hair.

look, more snow

making snow ice cream

watching Frozen while pretending to be Elsa

don't take my pictures

making Valentine cards

this was a COLD day. I took pictures from inside :)

a Valentine gift from Grandma and Grandpa Schurz

Happy Valentines Day!

Cade sharing his Valentine pomegranate

Valentine present from Grandma and Grandpa Schurz

shoveling the roof. it's a thing here.

this is a special treat for Mommy, because she played for about an hour by herself at the coffee shop. And I read!

playing with friends Olie and Nola

playing with friend Harrison

a new book store opened downtown. they serve tea and pastries and have storytime on Saturdays. So cool!

she did her makeup while I took a shower. she put red blush all over her face.

Nola's birthday party. (Olivia and Caroline)

more ice skating

our friends James and Olie

changing into "tap" shoes

Now let's hope I don't get two months behind ever again!!

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