Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas: The End (caution: hundreds of photos)

the end of December brought wonderful visits from my parents and brother. It was so special to have them here for our first Christmas in Maine. I'm so thankful they were all able to make it! We picked Scottie up on Boston, so got to see a small part of the city, which was pretty neat. Spent some time at home, time in Bath, time at the beach, and time working on the carriage house, among Christmas and birthday celebrations. What memories! Excuse me while I drop hundreds of photos in the post!
a misty evening in Boston-Old City Hall

we wanted to see some lights or a giant Christmas tree, and the guy working at the sandwich shop only knew of Macy's. Works for me! The window displays were not quite as cool as NYC, but still VERY cool!

Olivia and I spent time at the Children's museum before we went to the airport

Georgie keeping watch as we make Christmas cookies

waterfront view right outside of the museum

Scottie's little helper

obviously she piled the frosting and almost full bottle of sprinkles onto one cookie, then proceeded to scoop it all into her mouth!

Christmas Eve tradition: opening one present

a puppy purse from Grammy and Granddad that is one of her favorite gifts. She named it Everest, after the new pup on the show Paw Patrol.

Cade smiling :)

a fashion show with Olivia's new dress up clothes

Santa brought Cade a vintage record player!

setting out oats and carrots for the reindeer

putting together a beautiful Christmas puzzle. I set it up on a card table and it reminded me so much of home and my grandma and mom.

checking out the airplanes at the Portland airport after picking up Grandma and Grandpa

Oh yes, we beached in December!

more fashion showing

a little party at an indoor play place with 3 of Olivia's friends: Nola, Olie and Harrison

I really love her friends-they are all so sweet with great parents.

we walked over the big bridge in Bath for the first time-it was pretty neat

sweet birthday girl started crying while we sang Happy Birthday because I think she felt awkward with all the attention :(

playing Candyland

a firetruck cake per her request. not bad for an amateur!

saying goodbye to this guy was not easy. I was so glad he was able to visit.

playing with her new tea set. she liked it so much she played with it for quite a while before she even wanted to open any more gifts!

a playdoh set from Asher and Hannah. Another one she played with for a long time.

3 years old, 37 inches.

16 years old, 5'10 3/4"

her beautiful hat made by abuela

"take a picture of me" (okay! this is probably the only time she's ever requested her picture!)

Boston during a sunny day (but FREEZING!)

Old City Hall agian

having tea with Grandma and Grandpa Schurz via Skype!

Christmas morning. Don't ask me how these photos got so out of order.

a set of 4 Led Zeppelin albums for his new record player!

Scott and Cade's reactions when Jeff opened a Patriots beer cozy! Ha!

doctor set from Aunt Ann

I love this picture of each of them setting up their presents!

an awesome nautical map from my parents

Christmas ham dinner compliments of Chef Jeff

grandma is clearly much better at hair than Mama

mama and baby on her 3rd birthday

family photo session

love this

fun playing balloons with Grandpa :)

caroling in our neighborhood with little friends :)

a cool craft Livi and I made together

and of course more work on the carriage house!

Clearly I couldn't delete many pictures. Such great memories to cherish. See you later, 2014. You were sure good.


mom said...

Great memory pictures. I have lots of favorites in your last two posts.

Sarah said...

I love, love, love it! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, my friend!

Kim said...

Love seeing your Christmas! I'm behind but loving catching up with your blog. So happy your family could come out, Ter, looks so special. And, what are you doing with your carriage house? Perhaps it's in another blog post that I haven't read yet. Miss you!!!