Friday, January 2, 2015

Olivia Layne - Three Years

Dear Love, (this is how you start every card you pretend to read, so it seems only fitting that I start the same way :)

You are three years old now. A Big Girl, you like to remind me. Doesn't it seem like I should write something profound? I mean, THREE YEARS OLD. No longer a baby. Barely a sign of the sweet bundle I feel like I brought home from the hospital just a breath ago, but in reality three whole years ago. But that tiny girl is still there, in your sweet round belly, the dimples that haven't totally disappeared from your elbows and knuckles. I can see her, and I want to hold onto her and not let her grow. But then I see you. YOU as you are now, becoming the big girl you are destined to be, and of course I have to loosen my grip.

You are the light of my heart, sweet Olivia. You make me laugh with your funny personality. It seems you've taken notice of what makes us laugh, and you do things on purpose to hear that reaction from us. You make silly faces and funny voices and say hilarious words and statements. And you are still a genius, of course. I still don't know a lot of three year olds, but the way you can remember, recount, recall and logically think about things astounds me.

You have started randomly looking right into my eyes, giving me a big hug around my neck and saying "I love you mama" and it's just about all I can do not to die of a love heart attack right then and there. One thing I've read that really sticks with me regarding parenting is to never be the first one to pull away when your child hugs you. No need to tell me that one, though, I could relish your hugs all day every day.

You are a darling girl, with long curls down your back and bright blue eyes. You are 37" tall and weigh 32 pounds. You are feisty and sassy, spirited and sweet. You are demanding and endearing. Sweet and spicy. You know what you want and have a hard time not getting your way. I hope that as Daddy and I learn to show you firm boundaries and help you realize you are an important part of the universe, just not the center of it, you will continue to stay strong and willful. I hope your mind and heart will lead you to a passion you can focus those traits right into. In the meantime, we will all navigate the sometimes rapid waters of toddlerhood together, and I am confident we will weather the storms, day by day. You usually love to be a helper, especially putting things away, cooking and folding socks. You can get very frustrated if things don't go perfectly, and you are quite particular. If we have ever done something one way once, or called something by a certain name once, it is forever and every to be done that way or called that name forever, amen. And anyone who does it differently or calls is something else is WRONG.

Things you love: DANCING! Gymnastics class, chocolate, dress up clothes, telling us how to play ;), Paw Patrol, spaghetti, turkey, snacks, Daddy, riding the bus, kitties, tutus.

Things you do not love: playing independently, strangers talking to you, Georgie getting to close to you.

Funny things you say: don't say that word! (when you don't want us to respond to you the way we do.) Yummy in my tummy face. You rhyme words that aren't even words like "coldy in the boldy" and you surely have your Daddy to thank for that. When one of us says something strange you will say "are you trying to tease me?" and if you say something silly that doesn't totally make sense, you say "I were just trying to tease you!" You have the sweetest lisp and say sthank you, fravorite, I don't sthink so, etc. Your grammar is pretty amazing, though, and your vocabulary is huge.You really appreciate lots of foods and you will say "that is de-liii-shis!" During Christmas you took a bit of a Peppermint Patty and said it tasted like Christmas. Lately instead of saying "okay" you say "awright."

You are graceful, polite (sometimes), funny, strong, smart, a good listener, a noticer of details, brave and daring-you love to try new things, especially if it involves jumping/climbing. You are also brave with non-physical things: you order your own food from the server at a restaurant and you have paid for your own toy at Target! you've got rhythm and right now EVERYTHING is all about ballet. 

It was such fun to have Grandma and Grandpa Smalberger and Scottie to celebrate with you. You wanted a firetruck birthday cake and on your wishlist for gifts were a ball, dress up clothes, a drawing something or other and a train set. When we sang happy birthday to you you got very uncomfortable and told us you didn't want us to sing and started crying. It was too precious. Like father like daughter ;)

I can't possibly remember all of the wonderful things you do and say each day,  all the things you've tried, learned, accomplished. I wish I could capture every single second so I'll never forget this time. You are amazing and my love for you is beyond measure. Happy third birthday, sweet love. xoxo

showing that you are three years old

this is your new and precious smile when I ask you to show me your beautiful smile. I love it beyond words!

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