Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Funny Valentines

This weekend Tiff had a Valentine Tea at her place. It was so gorgeous! She made scones and finger sandwiches, there were cupcakes and fancy china, tea, coffee. It was so fun! All the girls were there, even Ash, who we haven't seen in years, but who I feel like I see every week because of her blog :) Thanks, so much, Tiff, for such a great party!

Steph, Sar, me, Grace, Tiff and Ash

Steph, Sar, me, Grace, Shiloh and Tiff.

And then there is Clarence.

Here is your pretty standard basket. I keep it by the filing cabinet and as we get mail to be filed I put in in the basket to be filed at one time about once a week. I guess Clarence wanted to be filed...


Kim W. said...

You all look just as gorgeous as ever! Wow, Tiff is amazing! And, Clarence is HILARIOUS.

bass family said...

A Valentine tea - what a fun idea! And oh my Clarence cracks me up!