Friday, December 21, 2012

Olivia Layne - 51 Weeks

I had to post all of these pictures to show you how hard it is to get ONE good one! ;)

What?! Only a week until your birthday? Impossible!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in awe of you my little one. You are just a bundle of joy, really. I love watching your little mind work and it works a lot these days. You have taken steps while you are supported by furniture or people and you have climbed the stairs! You haven't said any words yet, but you say lots of your own words. You do say mamamamamamamama, but I'm not sure you're actually saying my name just yet. It is so cool to see you pick up on something new or concentrate on something for several minutes at a time. You are a smartie! You know where your hair and nose are, where mama's hair is. You know to point the remote at the TV and put the phone near your head. You can give your baby a bottle. You can find things and know the names of most of your toys. You like to put things inside of things, like your bath toys into your bath cup or your toys into your big toy truck. You also love o shake things and you are learning how cool it is when things make noise when you bang them. You are eating more, too, but I need to find more table foods you will enjoy and can feed yourself otherwise you go crazy in your high chair and want OUT OUT OUT. Last night you enjoyed salmon and cheese with grapes. Yummy :) You truly are the cutest baby girl in the history of the universe, which is a nice cherry on top to your adorable personality and smarts ;) 


Ashley said...

Insane that she is almost one!!!!!!!!! She is so stinking cute. It just keeps getting better once they start walking too....

Sarah said...

Happy (almost) birthday Olivia! and the photo shoot... yup... looks like ours too ;)