Friday, December 14, 2012

Olivia Layne - 50 Weeks

Hi chickadee! I don't think it's possible for you to get cuter or more fun, but then you do. Like every day! Enjoying Christmasy things with you is such fun. You love looking at lights and get all excited when you see the Christmas tree or the neighbors outside lights. We have a cute musical toy with penguins and a snowman that you like to dance and clap to and you even figure out how to turn it on by yourself! I can see how smart you are and how much you pick up. I swear you know how to push buttons and slide screens on Mama's iPod! You crawl up to us now and pull up on our pantlegs. It is adorable. I've heard there will come a day when I'll be all "not now!" but I can't imagine it. You are all of a sudden a great eater of "human food" as Daddy calls it. You like chicken, tuna, beans (NOT green beans, those make you gag, but pinto, kidney, black, yes please), and LOVE cheese and tomatoes. You like to play hide and seek with Monkey, or pretend he is alive. and whenever you see him you hand him to me to play with. You started pursing your lips, which is of course darling, and you do this cute funny thing where you suck in air and sort of hop your body upwards. We are still navigating sleep. Last night you slept 4-5 hours straight. That is a miracle! I had a bad cough so Daddy slept in the guest room. You woke up about an hour after I laid you down in your crib (which is pretty typical.) I rocked you back to sleep and you slept for another hour or so and then I brought you into bed. You got to have a whole side of the King bed and I had the other side. I wonder if you slept so well because you had so much of you own space? I might have to ask Daddy to sleep in the guest room again to test it out ;) I still haven't gotten to the place where I am willing to get up out of bed and rock or nurse you and then put you back in your crib, but there are some signs of hope for longer stretches, maybe. And maybe someday I won't be too exhausted to try the crib only idea. I'll just miss you too much! You play better independently. Sometimes we find just the right toy or object to capture your attention for several mintues at a time. You love Cade's Russian Nesting Dolls and have played with them quite a few times. Of course you still want our attention pretty much 100% of the time and you still love to be carried around to look at EVERYTHING in the house, but it's fun to see you learning and focusing on play at times. We love you, Livi Layne!

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