Thursday, December 6, 2012

Olivia Layne - 49 Weeks

My sweet girl. Did you know there are only 23 days until your first birthday? This year has gone by in a blur. I have so many distinct memories, and other parts are just billows of mist in my mind. While we’re talking about counting days, only 2 weeks until my Christmas Break and I can spend so much special time with you!!! You now have your first top tooth. One day it was just a white apparition below your gums and the next day, BAM, TOOTH! You didn’t even seem to be bothered by it. Now you pucker your lips out a lot and I wonder if it’s because you feel your tooth that way somehow. You are eating more and more table foods and prefer to eat with your hands, but ONLY if the food is yummy, which is a hard balance to strike! You have now switched to whole milk, which you LOVE to drink cold from a cup. It is hilarious and messy and I love it. It’s been neat to be able to know what you want a little more these days. You don’t have any words yet, but you have your way of telling us when you want up, want out of your highchair, want more of something, don’t want any more of something, and when you’re excited. All of those things are usually the same sounds, but in context it’s pretty easy to tell what you are saying with your little grunts J I’m trying to lay you in your crib for nap times at home because you now roll over and get up when I put you down in our bed! I walked upstairs after a nap last week to find you right on the edge of the bed. Seriously, if you had taken one more crawl you would have tumbled off. I had to lunge from the door to get you. Scary! Your naps are usually much shorter with us anyway, so short crib naps is really no change. I’m hoping being in your crib will help you get used to bedtime in the crib, too. You start off there each night now, but when you wake up I bring you into our bed. One night you went for 4 hours in your crib! Well, you cried out a few times, but you really fell right back to sleep and I didn’t have to pick you up or rock you back to sleep. Of course last night was the opposite where each time I put you down in your crib you woke back up, so after 1.5 hours of that I gave up and we both went to bed in our bed. Transition is not easy, but I’m proud of both of us for trying. One thing I think is so sweet (of many!) is how you clutch your blankie at bedtime. I think I might need to order another one in case we ever lose this one. I’ve already ordered a 2nd musical giraffe after your first one broke. You listen to it as you fall asleep each night. I also just made you a 2nd fleece blanket so you can have one in your crib and one at Nayelle’s. It’s great to be able to count on something when you know it works J Here is to a great next 23 days! You are so special and loved! xoxo

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