Sunday, December 1, 2013

Olivia Layne - 23 Months

My Dear Sweet Olivia,

Happy Thanksgiving! It seems so appropriate that your birth month date lands on Thanksgiving this month. What could we possibly be more thankful for than you and your brother? This month has been full of fun and learning. You are trying out two word sentences and are getting quite good at them. It seems like you really enjoy saying the words over and over. "Big house. Big house. Big house. More milk. More milk. More milk. Green go. Green go. Green go." It may be one of my favorite things to listen to your little words as your tongue rolls around to perfect those sounds. Mama loves Christmas and so we already decorated. I remember last year you LOVED taking night walks to look at Christmas lights. I can't wait to do the same thing this year. While we wait for everyone else to get aboard the Christmas Cheer Train, it's been a blast to watch you enjoy our decorations. We got you your own little tree this year and you had so much fun putting the ornaments on, then taking them off, then putting them on again. I wish I could have captured your amazement when you saw the angel on top. I put it on when you weren't there and when you saw it you exclaimed with delight and a little confusion at how it could be floating magically atop the tree. It was so sweet. You make me laugh so much. The ways you play, the things you do over and over again, your little voice as you talk on the phone or read, the things you pretend. I have never known such joy that I know being your Mommy. You can count to ten now! You seem to be coming into a bit more independence, which is really neat to watch, but is also a big learning curve for Mama. We're working together on how to work through struggles, needing to "hurry", not wanting to do things at all, wanting to do many things by yourself. I want you to feel like you can try anything, that you are safe to express your feelings no matter how loud or how long you need to, that tears are OK, that Mama makes mistakes and I will apologize when I do, that growing up and learning are fun and awesome and hard and good. Just two days ago you got the flu. I realy think there may not be anything worse for a parent than seeing her baby so sick. The only up side was the extra snuggle time, but even then I would never wish you to be sick for that. Also, today you said "love you" for the first time. It was so sweet and precious and brought tears to my eyes. I love you no matter what. Always. BIG.

xoxo, Mommy

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