Thursday, December 12, 2013

photo dump!

some of our last pictures with Clare Bear. 

our first Christmas card


sick with the flu :(

brushing her teeth with Elmo!

road trip to Nebraska snacks

Jalapeno cheddar cheetos! "picy!"

touring the Christmas lights in the neighborhood

wearing her bunny slippers. for 3 seconds. 

baby checking out the potty chair

Smets family Christmas. Playing with Grammy!

piano with some sort of cousin, Maddie (Janna's granddaughter)

Olivia really loves playing with other kids :)

Granddad's tickle hands getting Olivia!

Jaden and Graven (Jo and Janna's grandsons)

Sue, Jim, Grammy and Granddad

Olivia loved talking on the phone to cousin Ann :) 

making a thank you card for Abuela

pizza picnic on Christmas plates :)

I love it! I feel so cool and grown up! 

new slippers

reading to baby


is it me or does she look so old?!

play time at the mall in sub freezing weather!

Grandma's Christmas village

putting pajamas on baby

little shopper! 

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