Friday, July 8, 2011

Stay Classy San Diego

Jeff, Cade and I got to spend a wonderful week in the San Diego area! We spent quality time with Jeff's Aunt Susan, and his cousins Jenny, her husband Clayton and their daughter Katie. Our days consisted of SUN, a water park, the beach, a giant telescope, the beach, fireworks, THE BEACH, Sea World and SUN :) We are so grateful to Susan for letting us room and board with her-it was a blast getting to know her more on my part and getting to spend quality time with her. It was relaxing and fun-pretty much a perfect vacation! I'm really thankful we got to take such a fun trip before baby arrives. Below are too many pictures, so feel free to skim!

Buddy, Katie's dog.

Cade and Katie enjoying the pool.

Susan and Clayton

Watermelon! Cade, Jeff and Katie

Cade and Katie playing video games...even on vacation! It was really awesome how well they got along and that they could keep each other company for a couple of days.

Jenny and Clayton and Katie have like 9 birds, 4 dogs, a hamster and a kitten. The birds were amazing! They talked, danced and even screamed bloody murder until I thought I would have a heart attack.

I ADORE this picture of the three of them dancing so that the bird would dance. It worked!

Susan's lovely home

Cade, Jeff, Susie, Clayton, Katie and me


Susan's home-can you believe it?!

A random man juggling on the beach

As soon as we got there Cade ran into the water

I truly think boogie boarding is one of my favorite things in the world!

Checking out the Hale telescope

I really love this sunset photo

Susie showing Cade how to eat a crab leg

Jeff, Katie and Cade making their way into the water

More Hale telescope observatory stuff

Jeff can body surf! He caught pretty much every wave

Can you see him in the wave??

Me capturing a picture of Jenny capturing a picture

Building a supreme castle :)

Katie and Jenny

Getting ready to watch fireworks

Jeff thought the castle was a throne

Sea World


More Sea World


Miss Susie said...

Lovely write up and great pictures of your time in SD area. I had a wonderful time too and glad you were able to visit. Aunt Susan

Carly said...

Love all the pics (except Jaws)

So glad you had a nice time in San Diego. I hope you said hi to Ron Burgundy for me.

Keep it classy