Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Random Summer Fun

Cade playing the Finnigan. Finn is literally the fastest, playfullest (it's a word NOW) and bravest little kitty I've ever seen. So cute!

Sara and her new daughter Sadie were in Denver last week and I got to see my great friend and meet her new little girl. They both looked GREAT and Sar is a great mom :)

Here are three of the tiny frogs in our pond. We have at least 4 and two more tadpoles. Jeff hasn't seen the frogs in several days, so we're wondering if they left the pond to explore and forgot to come back...? I'll keep you posted as I'm sure you're dying to know ;)

Summer is over for Jeff. He started at his new school last week with new teacher orientation. We joined all the math teachers at a BBQ on Saturday and it was fun to meet all his new colleagues and their families. They seem really nice and the BBQ was actually at a house on the street I grew up on, just 4 houses away from my old house! Talk about memories. I got to walk over and see our old neighbors and it was so wonderful. We went to Dave and Busters today and had a wild time playing tons of games and collecting 350 tickets! Enough to get a whole mug and pack of Nerds ;) Cade has to go back to Idaho next weekend :( I'm not looking forward to the sadness to come. Hopefully we'll have a nice last week. Thanks for stopping in!

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bass family said...

I am so glad you guys have had such an amazing summer. Praying for you, Jeff & Cade this last week! (and the adjustment weeks to come!)