Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here are some pictures of our amazing Oregon vacation! But first, I had to take more pictures of our house because I just can't get over how awesome Jeff is at making things GORGEOUS! Hey, if you can't brag about your hubbs on the blog, then why have one? (a blog, that is, not a hubbs ;)

Mount Saint Helens in Washington

(please take note of how many back shots I get. I'll take what I can get, though.)

Aw. The place of our marriage :)

S'mores and jokes by Cade :) I love these laughing photos of Aunt Ann and Grandpa!

Grandpa and Dad

Cade really enjoyed these steamed clams. Crazy kid!

Aunt Ann, Dad, Mom and Grandpa. It was cold!!

In Astoria, the oldest settlement West of the Mississippi. (not to mention where the Goonies was filmed!)

Grandpa (dad) and Cade braving the colder than ice cold water. A tradition. You should have seen Cade. Dad told him he had to get his head wet. So Cade stood and bent over to put his hair in the water then ran out. It was awesome. He's almost a Smalberger now. It will be complete when he dives into a wave like the rest of the crazy Smalbergers.

Cade enjoying a giant bowl (one of MANY) of clam chowder)

touching a sea anenome

pointing out a giant star fish

This picture is totally staged. Cade forgot to play along.:)

I could not get over the clouds rolling around Cannon Beach. As you might notice, it was COLD.

The whole gang

A necessary stop between Canon Beach and Portland-Camp 18.

Grandma (mom) taught Cade Solitaire. He supposedly hated the game but played it OVER and OVER again.

We also went to the fabulous Portland Zoo.

And the Rose Garden

And the Japanese Gardens

It was an awesome trip! Loved seeing Grandpa and Aunt Ann and experiencing all the fun attractions. Hope you didn't burn out on Haystack Rock photos! :)


bass family said...

Terrrrr... I love all the pictures! Some absolutely gorgeous scenery AND it looks like everyone had a great time! Oh by the way, I am loving the bangs!

Kim W. said...

What great pics! I could look at Haystack photos all day, I think. It looks like you all had a grand time. And, I LOVE your bangs! You look gorgeous, as usual, but I love how they frame your face so well. Do you like them?

Sara Joy Martin said...

Ok...first what great photos! You've captured so many precious moments. It's fun looking at them. And your hair looks so good. I think you've inspired me to cut my bangs short again. :)

Blomgren2 said...

Okay Ter, I LOVE your hair! It looks so beautiful in these pictures!! Oregon, what a beautiful place! Can't wait to visit there someday.