Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jeff's latest project

OK, seriously, I've checked online and in stores and while of course I'm biased, I don't believe any of them can compare to this chair Jeff made. He's amazing! He's thinking he'd like to sell them and he can turn them around quite quickly. So, for the 4 of you who read this blog, spread the word!


bass family said...

That is beautiful! Seriously, just perfect! Do you ship to NC? :)

Grace said...

WHOA! That is a gorgeous chair, Ter. What kind of wood is it? Is it teak? That wood ages so nicely.

Blomgren2 said...

That chair ROCKS! We just bought two like that but I totally would have bought Jeffs if we were in CO!!! It is so beautiful!! He should try selling them on Craigs list or Etsy?! FUN!