Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Summer Fun!

Warning, this post contains A LOT of photos! We've just been having too much fun this summer :) :) :) Last weekend we went to Nebraska with my whole family, minus Brandy who was missed. We saw fish, fireflies, toads, played games, road 4 wheelers and golf carts, shot BB guns, ate delicious food, cut down tree branches, shot of fireworks and had a GRAND OLD TIME! Then we came home and had more 4th of July fun. Enjoy the almost completely candid photos.

Cade, Jeff and neighbor-friend-joined-at-the-hip Brandon setting off a few fireworks between the massive rain we got on the 4th of July!

Granddad shared tons of fireworks with us, both to shoot off at the farm and to take home. Cade thought it was so nice of him, he even repeated it a few times at home.

We had a great cook out while at the farm. Granddad even really enjoyed a S'more for the first time!
(is that Jeff deliberately smiling for the camera? couldn't be!)

Cade fashioned a torch, however it didn't work as well as he would have liked. He needed pine resin to keep it lit, just like Bear Grils (or some such person from the Discovery Channel) does it.

A pretty farm picture

A man and his dog.

Croquet? Oh yes, please.

This was before we hosed down the set. It has been sitting in the shed for FAR too long.

Here is Cades 4th of July rocket. He tried and tried and even jimmy rigged the thing, but sadly it wouldn't light. Maybe next year.

Granddad teaching his only granddaughter how to shoot left handed! I won't mention that Jeff and I had a shoot off and I won!

One of the big goals of the weekend was to cut down a few precarious branches. Check out these regular farm hands.

Scottie is a natural on the tractor!

And dad in the tree-oh dear.

We caught fish!!!! A 4th of July miracle! Notice that Jeff and Cade won't pose for pictures UNLESS they are being goofy? These are my boys, folks.

My faithful dad always looks at the camera, though :)

And now the golf cart photo barrage. This was quite possible the coolest thing for Cade EVER. He couldn't get enough of driving this thing, and Great Grandma and Granddad were so nice to let him drive it pretty much whenever he wanted!

Granddad's beloved Purple Martins. He's waited 25 years for them to come live in his bird house!

Cade was a dynamite BB gun shooter, too!

Checking out Grandma's beautiful garden.

More adventures to come!


bass family said...

Loving all the pictures! Looks like you guys are having an amazing summer... so glad! :)

Kim said...

Oh, it looks like you guys are having a ball this summer!!!!! Love the pics of you with the gun. And, love that commercial you posted in the next post - so cute.

Blomgren2 said...

1. You look HOT with a gun.
2. I heart croquet!
3. Looks like an awesome property, so beautiful!