Friday, August 20, 2010

College friends to lifelong sisters

Last night I was overcome with thankfulness for my college girlfriends. I was lucky enough to meet some of the most amazing girls in college who are now some of my closest friends, 7 years later. A couple of weeks ago 6 of us were able to get together and catch up. The memories that flew through my mind were so bright and full of love. Listen, we all know friendships change, and with us that is true. Some of us get together more than others. Some talk on the phone more. Some are closer in distance than others. But in the midst of the distance, the time apart, the different stages of life, our friendships remain strong, the bonds we share can't be broken, and for that my heart is alive. It is often times hard to find a time when we can all get together, and I don't know that there will ever be a time when ALL of us can be together at once, but it is never hard for us to pick right back up when we are together. Jess, Grace, Tiff, Sarah, Steph, Kim, Sara and Ash. These names are written on my heart. Sweet, hilarious, smart, kind, generous, honest, loyal, trustworthy, successful, fun, strong, steadfast, gentle, intentional, vulnerable, loud, quiet, contemplative, thoughtful, spontaneous, gorgeous, mothers, wives, friends, daughters, girlfriends, girls, women. Just a few words to describe my precious friends.
We are celebrating joyful occasions in the midst of grief, pushing laughter right through sorrow and depression to the smiles at the other end, crying with each other during heartache, sharing life after years apart, yet feeling only seconds away, living life together after much loss, hoping and expecting a future filled with more of the same. Girls, you are my friends. You are my sisters. I love you.


The Lynns said...

Oh Ter, I feel the same way. It truly is a GIFT to have friendships like we all have! Love you, friend! :)

Ashley said...

i still remember sleeping in your room when bad dreams and an empty basement brought me knocking on your door!

bass family said...

that's awesome! SO glad you have that in your life, girlfriends are very immportant to mental health & sanity, I think :)