Thursday, April 19, 2012

Olivia Layne - 16 Weeks

Time is flying! You are the most adorable girl in the world. You had one of your most talkative days this week (see two posts below) and it is indescribable how it makes me feel to hear your voice and see you smile. You got to go to the park with Miss Cheryl this week and she said you did great. We got you a Bumbo seat, which allows you to sit up and work those muscles even though you can't sit on your own yet. We went to Denver to visit Uncle Scottie and you had a great time! We walked the 16th street mall, ate lunch, shopped, and you were a real trooper. I could tell you were cozy and happy in his arms :) You've been drooling and chewing on your hands a lot! I've heard babies drool a lot at this age, so I hope that's all it is and you're not teething this early! You also had you first giggle this week! Cheryl captured it on her camera phone and sent it to me. I was so sad to miss it in person, but so grateful she was able to send it! We think we heard a tiny repeat at home, but we're on the edge of our seats to hear a really good one. You should see us (well you DO see us) acting extremely silly with you trying to get giggles out of you! I hope we have many giggly days ahead of us in the near future. You already make us smile and laugh and we're so happy you're our daughter! We love you!

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