Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break

wearing your first skirt!

Just look at Cade looking at his sister :)

And look at her looking at her bother!

bath time

Checking out the pond with Daddy

Cade getting Livi to smile

oops, this is sideways, but Olivia was not a happy camper in her adorable sun hat!

Jeff wore his 4 wheeling helmet while driving the car.

Checking out the map to decide which route to take.

And they're off!

Granddad's turn to ride with Cade

Playing on the floor

"look at my adorable shirt!"

more smile time!

What a fun Spring Break Jeff, Cade and Olivia had! I can't believe how tall and grown up Cade is. He is such a wonderful kid who seems to adore his new sister. I only wish they could be together all the time. Only 2 months until he can be here for the whole summer! Jeff got to do some woodworking, Grandparents got to spend time with the kiddos, Cade got to play with his friend Brandon, ride bikes, play video games, hold his sister and make her smile and spend time with his dad. Awesome memories! And thank you to Patsy and Jim for all their help easing my transition back to work. It meant the world to us to have you here!

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