Monday, April 2, 2012

Olivia Layne - 13 weeks/3 months

Precious girl, I can hardly believe you're three months old! You are changing so much. Your smiles just melt my heart. Soon I think you'll be giggling! We've had some great nights with barely any crying and some nights where you're still uncomfortable. It's so hard to see you like that and not be able to make you feel better. I know your little system is developing and you're body is starting to work like it was meant to, and we are so relieved! The worst part of this week was that I had to go back to work. I hate that I can't stay home with you. I have so many memories from when you were so tiny until now, just the two of us spending time together. We used to sleep on the couch together, or in the guest room, and now you're so good a sleeping in your bassinet or with us! I am so thankful for the 12weeks of special quality time I got to have with you and now I just have to cherish each moment with you in the evenings and on weekends and be thankful that we found someone to love and care for you while we are at work loving you. I guess there can't be anything wrong with having lots of people love our daughter! The BEST part of this week was that not only did Daddy have Spring Break to stay home with you, but Grandma and Grandpa Schurz AND your big brother Cade got to be here, too! What fun you had with them! Plus we took your first trip to the mountains while we visited Grandma and Granddad Smalberger. It was really windy and you slept in their truck for a good portion of it, but I'm sure you were excited to be there ;) Cade got to go 4 wheeling! It was a special week for all of you :) I love watching little girls whenever I'm out and about, and daydreaming about what you'll be like when you're a little older. I don't want you to grow up too soon, I love snuggling and rocking you at this stage, but it's so fun to think about watching you reach milestones and learn and grow! You're already such a special little girl, I know you're going to be so wonderful. I'll be missing you every day I'm at work and counting down the seconds until I can see you each day. We love you so much!

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