Sunday, February 13, 2011

cupid's arrow

some people don't like valentine's day. i say they're crazy! not because i always get flowers and candy. not because i've always had a "special someone" on this special day. not because i want to support hallmark and Russell Stover and florists. but because what is wrong the having a particular day to remind us of the love we have to give and the love we have received? it sounds like a great idea to me! to have lived with love is to have lived. on this special day, i hope each of my friends and family will feel their hearts bursting with love. love of mothers and daughters, best friends from elementary school, love of college roommates, sons and fathers, first loves, high school sweethearts, old married couples still in love, newlyweds with honeymoon love, or maybe newlyweds going through a tough year but in love, sister love, brother love, puppy and kitty love, longing for love, missing your love, stranger love, whatever stage of life you are in, loved ones, remember how you have been loved, hope for how you will be loved, and by all means, take a day and show your love anew to those around you :) love, and it will come back to you.

Happy Saint Valentines Day


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Sarah said...

Happy St Valentine's Day to you too, friend! :)