Monday, February 28, 2011

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I haven't had a lot to share lately. My days mostly consist of busy at work, then working out, then working at home in the basement. Things are really shaping up down there! This weekend we had a major sprint and we finished sanding, priming AND texturing. Sheesh! My sweet husband spends more time down there than I do and he is so gracious about it. He is working so hard and making it look beautiful. I'm really proud of him! I must say I think I did my share this past weekend, though. Oh my aching arms and back!

The next steps are painting (after we find a paint color that works-cross your fingers that it will be the first try!), building the built-in shelves/cabinet/entertainment center, then carpeting and doors! Can you believe it? The end is in sight! The bathroom will probably be a bit later on the schedule as we are coming to the end of our renovation budget. We'll either do a little at a time there, or wait for a bit while we save up again. Either way, there is a bathroom at the top of the stairs, so that part isn't the priority.

I admit that I often get overwhelmed and think things are going to take FOR.EV.ER and I may, on occasion, roll my eyes at Jeff's seemingly unrealistic timing goals, but he thinks we are going to have it finished by Spring Break. What?! I confess I have doubts, no matter how amazingly talented the hubbs is. We'll see, though. And hey, the sooner it's done, the sooner I won't have to work on it anymore! It's true what Jeff says, however, it's so cool to know that once it's all done, we can say "look what we did together!" Go us!

More pictures to come...someday ;)

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