Monday, February 14, 2011

all together now....awwwwwww

Jeff and I had a fun Valentine celebration on Sunday. We went to Jeff's favorite restaurant, Edelweiss. We also saw the cute movie, Just Go With It. I made, well tried to make, peanut butter cups. They tasted yummy, but they sure didn't look pretty!

I also made one of the most delicious pies EV.ER. Caramel banana pudding pie! It's all in the recipe, but it really is one of the best desserts I've made!

Then I came home today to a surprise! A few of my favorite things:

Cherry cordials and Cherry Pepsi! Plus a romantic card and a heating pad for me always aching shoulder. Isn't he thoughtful?! Seriously, one of the best vday gifts I've received :)

Plus he posed for this photo, and we all know how much he hates to do that. Sweetheart, that's what he is :)


Blomgrens said...

Fun gifts to come home to! And great picture (I still love the bangs on you).

jotoart111 said...

I love what Jeff got you for V day..go Jeff!

Sarah said...

love that picture of you two!! and what a thoughtful valentine you have :)