Sunday, November 15, 2009


Just because I haven't posted pictures lately doesn't mean we haven't been up to some awesomeness :) See...

Hanging Christmas lights. It was about 28 degrees. Yep-awesomeness.

Decorated the house for Christmas this weekend! I know, it's early. Usually I wait until the day after Thanksgiving. That's still when we'll do our tree. One friend's hubby said "Thanksgiving will feel bad." I say, Thanksgiving loves Christmas just as much as we do!

Chloe loves the fireplace. She always lays right on the corner of the rug-never on the wood or tile. It's pretty funny.

The annual Santa Clarence pictures. Jeff is NOT impressed. But come on, he's so darn cute. Fat and Jolly and all!

Both kitties enjoying the fireplace :)

We got to enjoy my friend Tiff's gorgeous wedding last weekend. It was so lovely and really fun to see old friends. One of them, Grace, sang with the live band! She was so amazing you would think she was part of the band! (I have no idea why this is underlined)

Gorgeous Grace and Kimmie! They get prettier as the years go by :)

Me and Steph. She is the greatest. Seriously, the GREATEST!

A couple of weekends ago Jeff and I and Scott and Brandy all went up to visit my parents in the mountains. We built a spontaneous snow man. Scott and Jeff also had a snowball fight. It was so much fun!

Well, Jeff really supervised the snow man building.

More winter fun to come!


bass family said...

love it!! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas :)

p.s. down south, snow = Christmas. So if it's snowing, you absolutely should be decorating for Christmas!

The Lynns said...

Fun pics, Ter! I will pretend that my fat arm didn't make an appearance. :) And thanks, you're pretty great too!

Blomgren2 said...

I could have sworn you said I was the greatest! Sheesh!!! :)