Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We have been busy!

I feel VERY behind with what we've been up to lately. Partly because I've had pneumonia! :( I can't even describe the toll it took on me. It was an exhaustion I have not experienced before, coupled with cough symptoms and plain old yuck. But nevermind that. I'm on the mend and ready to overload you with pictures! Buckle Up!

to the park we go :)

Special snack time with Mama at Target :)

Guess what's fun? THROWING the umbrella in the air and watching it fly away, then chasing it.

Picking strawberries from the garden. "more please."

Wishing she were a big soccer player!

Chasing a bunny

Reading Curious George to Curious George (she is obsessed with watching George now. She asks to watch it by  making a monkey sound :)

Shucking corn for dinner

Afternoon snack of bananas and peanut butter


Mama/Daughter day ending at Fargos Pizza!

 Special treat while shopping. Cake pop! Pink!

Playing school bus. Always.

Go Broncos! Cute dress from Uncle Scottie!

 Watching something with Uncle Scottie on his phone :)

The boat!

Race for the Cure!
Angela and Jim. 6 years of walking on Team Hope after Ang's remission.

hello tutu baby

grandma and olivia

mama and olivia

ice-cream after the finish line!


Purple hair

spaghetti O's

Helping make cookies

Helping EAT cookies

Pulling baby around in a box wagon :)


mom said...

Glad you are feeling enough better to post these super fun pictures! Hope you feel 100% soon. Hugs...

The Lynns said...

Terd, PNEMONIA?!? Yuck!! I'm so sorry!! :( But on a side note, Olivia could not possibly be any cuter, seriously!!! Love the pics!!