Sunday, September 27, 2015

August 2015

one of Cade's friends created Kindness Day in Bath, and this was a free self portrait station

Cade helped out by passing out life baggies filled with bandaids, flowers, rubberbands, each with a special meaning

We won a drawing at the library for tickets to a musical - Shrek! It was pretty fun and cute, and Olivia did really well, but did want to leave before the hour production was over.

enjoying a cookie on the dock on a gray day

just a view of the crazy garden/pumpkin patch, which gave us one small and one large pumpkin

kitchen in progress

Livi read us a book while Daddy brushed her hair

princess ballerina climbing in the apple tree

a special tea at the bookstore

and a tea party with her guys

a rainy day activity: taping roads and building a town out of blocks

we hosted the first team spaghetti dinner for Cade's XC team, which was fun :)

let the races begin!

Livi likes to race, too

And now it's FALL! Crazy. Hopefully I'll get September up much sooner. Thanks for stopping by :)

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