Saturday, March 5, 2016

February 2016

Another great month filled with fun and adventures! 

special tea and scone at the bookstore

my mini me ;)

the girls having dinner at The Cabin. Elsa was my date :)

Daddy got his wood stove in the carriage house and Livi loves to help warm it up in there.

a picnic of snow

making a Go Broncos! sign for the superbowl!!!

giving Georgie a "salon"

the longest train track in the world! 

playing at the Brunswick library

our newest family game: Kerplunk

putting Valentines together for preschool


tea party time with an American Girl doll we checked out at the library

of course Georgie joined us, too

preschool Valentine party

all her loot!

the card Olivia made for me :)

playing at the library with Jonathan

Valentine sushi date

Elsa outfit for her doll

a trip to the Children's Museum in Portland

don't forget the Valentine gelato! 

more playtime with Jonathan

4 year well child visit

reading a book on CD

setting up all her princesses for some princess bowling

more tea partying

our biggest snow came in February. About 8" for snowmen and forts and snowball fights!

a snowy walk with Georgie

are you ready for some football?!

finishing the ukelele together

reading to Georgie

look at her face. she is the BEST with Olivia.

Valentine morning

we went tubing! Olivia and Jeff went down the run together and then I followed. As I was zooming down at breakneck speed all I could think was "oh no, how traumatized will Livi be?" But when we got to the end she said "did you like it, Mama?" I said yes, what did you think? She loved it! 

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