Wednesday, July 6, 2016

June 2016

 June was filled with absolute fun! Olivia and I visited Colorado and Nebraska, Gramma and Grampa Schurz came to visit, and there was plenty to do in between all the family and friends!

Aunt Terri holding baby Jaeslee. She was 10 months here and last time we saw her she was 2 weeks old. She is precious and gorgeous!

Scottie and Jaeslee. The greatest Dad!

Olivia and Jaeslee loved each other. Every time Olivia would come back into Jaeslee's sight she would light up with the biggest smile.

We found an inchworm and put it in Livi's fairy garden. She watched it FOREVER. She is our bugloving girl :)

"cheese." Our plane trip to Colorado.

Coming into Chicago

Grandma and Grandpa Smalberger's amazing back yard.

Of course we visited Nadxieli! It was so fun to see "baby" Torrence and Abuela and everyone.

Playing with the Quiet Book Grammy made

4 wheeling!

cooling off in the stream

playing She-Ra dolls with Uncle Scottie

building fairy houses


We got to meet up with Aunt Jennifer, Asher, Hannah, Gramma and Grampa Schurz for an afternoon, too. Such special times!

another fairy house

lunch at an adorable coffee house in Florissant

a favorite: playing in the playhouse at Grammy and Granddad's farm (with my cousin's baby, Carson)

we beat the intense heat with sprinklers

even Grandpa and Uncle Bill joined in :)

and Granddad!

and Grandma!

beating the heat in the sand pits

building with Grammy

Grammy had all kinds of fun and cool things planned for the Smets reunion. Kite building was one of them!

the finished product

popscicles beat the heat, too, you know

Grandpa and Cousin Brent

Granddad loves to spoil his great grand kids. He brought out the stock tank, cleaned it all up and filled it with water for a swimming pool!

...and then he got in, too

Olivia tricked Grandpa by throwing a water balloon at him when he was least expecting it ;)

My Uncle Steve working on his kite. It won the flying contest BY

 FAR. It even broke off it's string and flew over the train tracks to the highway!

ladder ball

4 generations

running after the tractor trailer

caught it!

Olivia loved Cousin Connie's doggie Lulu, and Connie loved Olivia ;)

Olivia was a really great traveler. She slept a bit both ways, which helped.

Lupine and Iris bouquet from the garden

lunching in their "house" at the library. (Jonathan and Livi)

Just doing a little dancing at Lowes while figuring out decking stuff.

sidewalk chalk with Gramma Schurz

Like Father Like Son

can you tell I love my fresh bouquet's from the garden

downtown with Grandpa Schurz and her new pony

climbing her favorite tree at waterfront park

taking orders at her restaurant

beach time of course!

prepping the clams after clamming at the beach

garden progress

tea at the bookstore

the kickoff to the summer reading program at the library

We are so thankful for Grampa Schurz and his major help building the deck. He even stayed longer than Gramma to help finish it up!

Livi's firswt trip to the dentist

Someone's half birthday

balsa wood airplane flying

Livi's first swim lessons. She did awesome!

the finished deck. don't they do good work?!

building a pumpkin trellis.

on a nature walk with her new nature kit

princess castle with Daddy and Grandpa

strawberry picking

She wants to do a pose with her arm up almost any time I take a picture now. A future star of some sort ;)



mom said...

Wow! What a month of fun-filled adventures!

Sarah said...

I love this look into your life! I've been thinking of you lately & missing you! I can't believe how big your baby is! Love you, friend! <3