Thursday, August 11, 2016

July 2016

 How can it be August already???!!!

Olivia learns to ride a two wheeler! She got her special princess bike and wanted to ride it with training wheels all the time, but then one day decided on her own she wanted to try it without them. And she learned so fast!

before the training wheels came off

Grandma and Grandpa Smalberger came for a visit. It had been 1.5 years since Grandpa was here, so it was very special! Olivia showed them how she climbs the apple tree at waterfront park :)

we eat almost every meal on our new deck

brother and sister

swimming with Cade in the ocean

storytime at the library

climbing...what else?

Grandpa's first time at the bookstore!

hotdogs and lemonade at waterfront park

our first visit to Old Orchard Beach. it was PACKED, but so much fun!

livi learned to boogie board and loved it! she even got her own pink board after the trip.

giving Georgie her first bath. I always think she smells like a stinky dog. Of course a couple of weeks after this she got sprayed by a skunk. twice.

playing the Fairy Game

eating a special dinner at 5 Islands

let's not forget Heritage Days for the 4th of July!

Grammy sent Livi Splat Man because she loved him so much when we visited Nebraska :)

just another day at the office ;)

pond view from the new deck

this is the life

we visited Olivia's friend Charlotte, who has horses and goats and chickens!

my animal lover holding a baby crab

waiting for the 4th of July parade in the shade

a snap of BIW from the ferris wheel

feeding the baby ducks at Hyde School

Jeff has worked and worked on the boat, and lately mainly the motor. This is his huge love/hate project. He gets so many compliments on the boat, but the motor has such issues that he wants to sometimes sink the whole thing to the bottom of the ocean. We've taken it out 4 times now, and for Livi and I it's been fun, but for Jeff, it's been frustrating. Here's hoping he can find just the right thing to fix the issue, or that we can win the lottery and buy a new motor! (wait, we don't play the lottery ;{)

this is her maiden voyage

the oar Scottie made for Jeff when we lived in Colorado

a loon family!

tea at home

garden progress

a cute skirt from Grandma and Grandpa Smalberger

the first carrot from the garden

a gorgeous home in Kennebunkport

swim lessons!

she can now go all the way under, jump in, swim, float, she is a little mermaid!!!






the bookstore had a midnight release of the new Harry Potter book. LOOK at how amazing it turned out, thanks to Susan and her genius ideas, as well as our local author, Wendy Ulmer.

More adventures to come! 

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