Thursday, June 1, 2017

April 2017

Even as an infant this child never fell asleep in strange places or positions. Yet here she is, totally passed out. 

Always a great helper in the kitchen. Always choosing "secret ingredients" to add to our dinners. 

Fruit picnic at Waterfront park on one of our first warm days! 

Just testing out the backyard bench daddy built while it's on the workbench! 

The pond coming back to life after the long winter. All 5 fishies and the frog survived! (Sia, Ella, Nina, Carmos and Jojo. plus Waterfall.)


Easter picnic at the park

just another teenager talking on the phone. Except they don't ever talk on the phone, they just text text text text till the cows come home. 

Livi and her friend Stella riding bikes at the school

Skiff progress

Spotted on our first hike of the Spring. A Christmas tree :)

Oh, and a snake.

Oh yes, and an abandoned school bus

Happy birthday to me!

Livi helping out at the book fair

Cade had a great 2nd year on the tennis team. Much improvement, more playing and lots of fun :)

On the very rare occasion she sleeps in longer than me. I could stare at that sleeping face for hours. 

We grew caterpillars into butterflies! 

First time all the way across the bars! 

Curious George having fun at the park

we started doing a little "happy hour" once in a while :)

Happy Spring everyone!

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